This Artist Adorns Tree Scars with Embroidery

updated Feb 28, 2020
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Credit: Carly Reeves/Unsplash

One of the many amazing qualities about trees is their resilience. When bark suffers damage, the tree forms callused edges around the impacted area in order to prevent decay, infection and the expansion of the damage.  While the trees obviously have this tasked covered, that hasn’t stopped artist Diana Yevtukh from serving as a creative assistant to the Mother Nature with these intricate, multi-colored stitched embroidery that she places on trees.

For Yevtukh, the vivid pieces she creates not only fill in a physical gap on trees with bare bark, but they also represent a sort of revival for the spaces, which she regards as scars. Her nature-inspired designs include detailed floral artwork as well as a human eye, heart and hands.  The embroidery is absolutely captivating but the soothing tones and intentional placement somehow ensures that the artwork blends in with its bark-bearing hosts.

“Kids and adults, animals and plants, we all are part of the nature in my understanding,” Yevtukh tells Designboom of her creative inspiration. “The never-ending suffering wounds the heart and the soul of the nature. but our superpower, as humans, is that we can heal and cherish the life around us. this embroidery is a call to treat the living with love, and not cruelty, to heal the wounds and cease the violence.”

In addition to adorning trees with her artwork, Yevtukh also creates beautiful landscape-inspired paintings.

“What I do as an artist,” Yevtukh tells My Modern Met, “is that I look at the world around me, at the materials, techniques, and technologies, and I spot an empty space and a combination of materials to ignite my imagination.” 

“Maybe it sounds naive,” she adds, “but the simplest desire to fill my surroundings with beauty is at the origins of most things I do.”