This Modern End Table Is One of the Most Stylish Pieces of Furniture I Own — and It’s Actually a Dog Crate

published Mar 28, 2022
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I hadn’t gotten my dog Leo yet when I first moved into my rental a little over a year ago, but I was constantly brainstorming what I wanted my apartment to look like with a pet. Growing up with dogs, we always had plenty of room to make sure they had a comfortable space, so I wondered how to do that in my much smaller home. I needed to find ways to incorporate a place for my pet with my other furniture and decor. Turns out, I didn’t really need to do a ton of searching because dual-purpose furniture for homes and for pets is already a thing! Fable sent Leo and me one of their side table pet crates to test, and it’s already one of my our favorite pieces of living room furniture.

The Fable Crate is handmade with premium bentwood, and you can choose a solid white metal sliding door or opt for one made with clear acrylic. Rather than the usual bars or wire grates to allow air to flow in and out, this piece has stylish square openings on every side — a HUGE plus for me. We had a wire crate at first, but it stuck out like a sore thumb and made the room feel even smaller. With Fable’s crate, Leo gets a place to call his own, and I have an awesome side table. I’m shopping around for a new lamp to showcase on top of it right now!

The sliding door comes pre-assembled, but beyond that, the Fable Crate does require some effort to put together (mostly screwing, nothing major). The medium crate takes two people to lift but can be assembled solo, and all the necessary tools are included. And here’s a tip to work smarter not harder: Put the crate together in the space where you’ll be using it. I didn’t think that far ahead and wound up laboriously shimmying it across the room.

The Fable Crate is available in two sizes: one for small dogs up to 25 pounds and another for medium breeds between 25-50 pounds. I recommend that, in addition to the dog’s weight, you measure their length, too. For reference, Leo is a beagle-lab mix that’s on the smaller side for medium dogs, weighing close to 25 pounds and measuring between 27” and 31” (when I can get him to sit still). The smaller crate would have been too tight a fit for him since its interior is 24” deep. Leo likes to stretch out, and I wanted him to be able to do that comfortably, so the medium crate was right for our home.

Since the Fable Crate is designed to mimic the safe coziness of a den, Leo took to it immediately. I put it in his favorite corner of the living room, and getting him to use it took hardly any training at all. By the second night, he was going in on command. I didn’t think he was much of a chewer, but I learned the hard way that the Fable Crate is susceptible to damage by a dog gnawing on it. That’s why I always make sure to put toys in there (now) to keep him stimulated. Fable also has a toy that attaches directly to the crate to keep your dog occupied. I’ve also tied a bandana between holes, which has helped with the chewing issue. I’m glad I chose the acrylic door for Leo’s crate because he’s able to look out and see me in the morning, often sticking his nose or front paws out through the holes. There’s nothing more adorable to wake up to than that!

Credit: Britt Franklin

Wondering about the smell? Yeah, I get it. In my experience, unless the dog bed itself is filthy, smelly, and past its washing time, there’s not a noticeable scent. I bought the Fable Bed (not required, but highly recommended), to replace Leo’s overused, ripped-up old mat, and there hasn’t been a nasty smell ever since.

As a side table, the Fable Crate gives me a lot of room to work with. Until I find a lamp, I have a couple of plants and a 16″ sand table on top. Though the crate is in a tight corner of my apartment, I love the way it looks and functions. It’s a serious upgrade, not only for my dog’s lifestyle, but for my home as well.

Buy: Fable Crate, Medium, $595 or XS/Small, $395