The Game-Changing (and Hands-Free!) Pet Accessory That Makes Walking My Dog So Much Easier

published Oct 20, 2022
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Earlier this year, I adopted my dog, Leo. Having a pet has certainly added more excitement around the house, and has also made me noticeably more active. A brand new leash was one of my first purchases before picking him up, and the old one was much like every other leash I’ve purchased in the past with its built-in wrist loop. I prefer having easy use of both hands while walking the dog because you never know when you’ll need to access a bag, take a call, or have an emergency that needs to be handled as efficiently as possible. So while the basic leashes with hand grips and loops have served me well, I knew there had to be better options that would make daily walks that much more enjoyable. I was familiar with Fable because of their stylish dog crate side table that constantly gets compliments in my home, which prompted me to look into more of their pet products. My dog loves their toys and cozy bed, but one product that’s benefited us both is the innovative Magic Link.

The Magic Link is more than meets the eye, packing a ton of versatility into an accessory that’s small enough to toss into a bag. What made me gravitate toward the leash is the adjustable loop that goes far beyond a wrist strap. The loop can expand significantly to be worn across your body, around your waist, or around your wrist. It can also be used as a slip collar or a conventional leash. I often wear it crossbody style, allowing me to access my bag or pockets. I sometimes even make video calls to friends and family to check-in while Leo and I are out, giving them an opportunity to see both of us without having to juggle the leash and my phone at the same time. I’ve even confidently carried laundry, packages, and food with Leo securely attached to it. Even better, the Magic Link is highly durable. Leo sometimes grabs part of the leash and tugs it in an effort to stay outside longer, but you’d never know by looking at it. Besides a little dirt from constant use, the Link looks as good as new. The leash is made of industrial-strength brushed cord and aluminum hardware that’s waterproof, mold- and odor-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean.

The Magic Link is available in two sizes: The XS/S is recommended for pups 20 pounds or less, and the M/L is recommended for dogs over 20 pounds. For Leo, who’s around 23-25 pounds and roughly the size of a beagle, I naturally got the larger of the two. It provides just enough leash for him to roam as he pleases while still being a safe distance from me. Additionally, that distance can be adjusted depending on how I’m wearing or holding the Magic Link at any given time. The leash is also equipped with multiple rings that allow you to clip on a waste bag holder or transform it into a traditional leash. According to Fable, the Magic Link is able to withstand a pull force of up to 350 pounds, but isn’t recommended for heavy chewers or dogs that pull since it doesn’t have shock-absorption features. An alternative would be to use the Magic Link in conjunction with an anti-pull harness to assist with minimizing stress. 

Though I’ve held on to Leo’s old leash as a backup, I primarily stick to the Magic Link most days. It’s too convenient to pass up! And with all the gorgeous days we’ve been having in Louisiana recently, it just makes our walks so pleasant and easy-going. However, if you don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles of the Magic Link, Fable’s Magic Leash is a simplified version that provides the same hands-free experience without the extra attachments. Trust me when I say that the Magic Link has taken our walks from an 8 to a 12, and whether you go with the Link or the Leash, you won’t regret it. Fable’s got you covered!