This Two-Step Instagram Hack Looks Like a Custom Upholstered Headboard

published Aug 2, 2023
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I absolutely love the look of an upholstered headboard … so much so that I’ve never actually been able to decide on just one specific print or color to justify the splurge. Obviously, buying a bed is already a big commitment, but that’s especially true with a fabric covering thrown into the mix — it’s not as easily replaceable as a pillow or comforter, if you want to swap out styles down the line.

That’s where this ingenious “headboard” hack I recently saw on Instagram comes into play, which recreates the look of a patterned, above-the-bed design without having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture. Best of all, it uses just two customizable materials. (Hint: It’s not paint.)

Instagram user and digital creator Liv of @sababa_vintage shared a video of her guest bedroom, where she’s decorated the space with an assortment of secondhand pieces and family hand-me-downs. Most notably, though, she also created a faux headboard behind the bed, simply by hanging up a checkered quilt. In the post, she appears to have folded the blanket in half, then attached small wooden clips to the wall to keep it in place. And that’s it — instant cozy-looking accessory to frame your bed!

This personalized style works especially well if you have a sentimental quilt that you’re not sure how to incorporate into your decor. That’s not to say you need an heirloom to pull this off, though; Etsy has no shortage of both contemporary-looking and traditional-leaning blankets to satisfy that handmade aesthetic. Or, browse brands like Schoolhouse, West Elm, and Pottery Barn for more headboard-worthy quilts in a handful of colorful designs (the last of these actually stocks reversible styles for a two-in-one piece!). Even an oversized throw blanket or tapestry you already own can easily get upcycled. Whatever you use, just make sure that it’s slightly wider than the bed itself when folded to get the true headboard effect. 

As for the clips holding up the quilt, Liv shared a link to similar styles from Target for $12.89, which come unfinished if you want to paint them for a small, bed-adjacent pop of color. Otherwise, Amazon and Etsy offer quilt and tapestry wall hangers as well, and you can choose between minimalist, barely-noticeable styles to prop up just the corners (like the original creator’s project) or a longer piece that runs across the top of the quilt. 

All in all, this DIY takes just minutes to install for a unique faux headboard style, if your bed doesn’t already have one. Not to mention, this idea can double as a low-stakes way of trying out a particular pattern or color in your bedroom on a smaller scale, like the checkerboard shown here or high-contrast stripes. Plus, if you already have a usable quilt or tapestry, the wall clamps will likely only set you back about $20. I’ll take that over the cost of a brand-new bed any day!