8 Plant Influencers on *Their* Favorite Plant Influencers to Follow

published Jun 28, 2021
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Spraying potted plants with water from glass spray bottle

You know that feeling when you stumble upon the Instagram account of someone whose feed is so inspiring, so beautiful, that you can’t help but get engrossed for hours? I’ve found myself losing days (weeks?) of my time in the lush green landscapes that plant influencers have created on their little grids. In fact, I’ve gotten so hooked on a few accounts that I want more, more, more. Raise your hand if you feel the same.

And really, who better to tell us which plant posters to follow next than plant influencers themselves? So to help fill your feed with even more green, we asked some favorites in the botanical biz to share with us their favorite follows on Instagram and TikTok, for your scrolling pleasure. 

A quick heads-up: Note that any specific plants mentioned in this story or any others may be toxic to pets or humans. “Toxic” plants can induce symptoms that range from mild (upset stomach) to severe (possible death). If you have a cat, dog, or kid, make sure you research the plants ahead of time on a reputable site like ASPCA.orgPetPoisonHelpline.orgPoison.org, or by calling your vet or pediatrician.

We Asked: Summer Rayne Oakes, Founder of @homesteadbrooklyn and the YouTube Channel Plant One on Me

Oakes Recommended: Niyya Tenee of @thebloomjourney
“Niyya from @thebloomjourney is so sweet,” says Oakes. “She does a delightful ‘Tea with Plants’ segment on her Instagram, as well as Lives that talk about plants and wellness with other plant lovers. I recently visited her plant-filled apartment too, and I just love how she’s created a sanctuary for herself.”

Oakes Recommended: Summer Hamel of @fictitiousarchive
“Summer shares the first half of my name and has been photographing her plants, her art of plants, and images of #culledleaves over on @fictitiousarchive,” says Oakes. “Her feed offers up a refreshingly realistic view of a plant’s journey.” 

We Asked: Nick Cutsumpas, Founder of @farmernick 

Cutsumpas Recommended: Jacquelyn Holland of @littlenorthplants 
“Jacquelyn at @littlenorthplants is such a rising star in the plant world,” says Cutsumpas. “Her content is so helpful for both new and experienced plant parents alike. Her educational plant infographics and photography are incredibly clear and concise, and she strikes the perfect balance between a beautiful aesthetic and valuable information. It’s hard not to learn something new from her page, and it is definitely worth the follow.”

Cutsumpas Recommended: Tobin Mitnick of @jewslovetrees
“Tiktok star Tobin Mitnick creates videos about trees on @jewslovetrees that I can only describe as a new branch of comedy,” says Cutsumpas. “I never knew trees could be this funny, and Tobin’s witty sense of humor — coupled with his expansive tree knowledge — make him a must-watch every time you’re scrolling through your feed. Plus, most plant people aren’t as familiar with outdoor trees, so you’re bound to learn something new.”

We Asked: Amber Stafford, Founder of @blackgirlsgardening

Stafford Recommended: Brittanie Dacus of @botanistbee
“I really enjoy following Brittanie of @botanistbee on Instagram,” says Stafford. “She’s always dropping good recommendations on where to get the best and most affordable plant materials such as pots, soil, humidifiers, and more. Plus, she’s constantly answering plant questions and giving her advice.”

Stafford Recommended: Shari Watson of @caribcultivated
“Shari’s energy and photos instantly put you in a good mood, and all of her plants are so beautiful,” says Stafford. “She just started a YouTube channel so I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from her!”

We Asked: Scott Cain, Founder of @boyswithplants and the New Quarterly Boys With Plants Magazine

Cain Recommended: Durrell Eastland of @theblackplantman on Instagram and TikTok 
“Not only does he love houseplants, but he’s also a comedian, and it shows,” says Cain. “He has a million different facial expressions, all of which help to tell the story of his plants. He chooses plants that every newbie could care for and isn’t afraid to share when things are working — and when they’re not.”

Cain Recommended: Micael Butial of @caelerz on Instagram and TikTok 
“Micael has a gorgeous setup with hundreds of tricky-to-care-for indoor plants,” says Cain. “His interiors are full of neon and color, but the plants definitely dominate. He’s often rearranging his collection, cleaning the leaves, and jumping around having a ball in the process. Micael might not have invented the hashtag #dancingwithplants, but he definitely embodies it.”

We Asked: Darryl Cheng, Creator of @houseplantjournal and Author of The New Plant Parent 

Cheng Recommended: Roos Kocken of @plantwithroos
“I love the account @plantwithroos,” says Cheng. “Roos (pronounced “rose”) shares all the little things that bring joy to any plant parent — new growth, a flower forming, and appreciating leaf patterns, textures, and colors.”

Cheng Recommended: Nasim Badrbigi of @bushylady
“Another account, @bushylady, calls out issues in the plant community in a comedic way — plus they share the big picture of owning plants, growth, and decay!”

We Asked: Lucrecer Braxton, Founder of @soulsistaplants

Braxton Recommended: Gloria Alamrew of @blackgirlrooted
“One of my favorites on Instagram is Gloria Alamrew at @blackgirlrooted,” says Braxton. “I especially love when she shares a new reel — they are hands-down some of the funniest I have ever seen. She is engaging and you can’t help but want to share her content because you know it’s going to make someone’s day.”

Braxton Recommended: Cartreze Tucker of @blackboyplantjoy on Instagram and TikTok
“In my opinion, everyone should know and be following Cartreze,” says Braxton. “His videos and reels are some of the best — I easily watch them three or four times because they are so funny. Not only is he knowledgeable, he is hilarious.” 

We Asked: Naomi Painter, Founder of @naomiplanter 

Painter Recommended: Jan Cruz of @sailorblooms
“Jan at @sailorblooms does amazing design work with her feed and stories,” says Painter. “The posts are poetry, their stories are vulnerable and relevant, all tied in with an incredible aesthetic that highlights not only the beauty of plants, but the ways in which they touch our hearts and feed our souls.”

Painter Recommended: Sarah Spaulding of @botanophile 
@botanophile is a prolific sharer!” says Painter. “She is filling a void in the market by doing trades with friends for plants that are difficult to get ahold of in any other way, and perfecting the art of tissue culture in her own home so she can immediately start sharing them back out. Her ‘glitter flex’ macro photos show off the natural beauty of plants up close and personal.”

We Asked: Stephanie Horton, Founder of @botanicalblackgirl

Horton Recommended: Taji Riley of @unboundbx_
“I was immediately drawn to Taji because she often includes her grandmother and mother on her feed, and who wouldn’t love to see three generations of plant people?!” says Horton. “Also, her indoor collection is gorgeous, and she’s never afraid to show the good, bad, and ugly.”

Horton Recommended: Kevin Cliff of @theplantpapi
“Plants, sneakers, art, and dope music — ’nuff said!” says Horton. “Kev’s ability to perfectly meld these things while also dropping plant-related facts in the most authentically ‘him’ way is absolute GOLD. Plus, in his stories, Kev (who is a licensed mental health therapist) often provides helpful advice on varying mental health topics with accompanying resources.” 

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