7 Things You Probably Forgot to Organize in January

published Feb 2, 2021
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To some, the very idea of new year’s resolutions is disillusionment waiting to happen. But I board that January fresh start train every single year and ride it as far as it can possibly take me — starting smart habits, and clearing and organizing our house.

The flip of the first page of a fresh calendar brings with it a newness that compels me to declutter and add order to my home, but it’s not just that. There’s something about the biting cold that wakes me up, too — that tells me to pay attention and get it together. To start over.

If you’re nodding your head, you’re my people. And you’ve probably already broken down and recycled all those Amazon boxes, cleared out your closet, and gotten rid of your kitchen tool duplicates. But in a year, new as it is, that still finds us all in the same lockdown we’ve been in for months, you might crave the comfort of a few more organizing projects. The satisfying sense of control can mean more (and do more for you!) than it ever did before.

Here are a few more organizing projects for those who miss doing it, for those who’ve organized everything but whose fingers are itching to do just a little bit more — the things you forgot to organize but get to organize now:

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

The pictures on your phone.

Delete screenshots and pictures you no longer need. Take a few minutes to consider setting up a system for how to deal with your photos this year. For instance, do you want to set up a favorites folder for photos you can have printed into a book later?

Your socks and underwear drawer.

Declutter, re-fold, and maybe add some inserts.

Your tools and hardware.

You probably don’t think much about how organized your tools are until you need something. Organize them now and thank yourself next time you need to patch a hole in the wall or hang a picture.

Your purse.

Clear out old receipts in your purse and wallet (there might be some in there from last year still). Pare down chapstick and other personal care items to only what’s essential.

The contacts on your phone.

Sync contacts across platforms so no one gets lost if anything should happen to your phone or accounts. Delete no longer relevant contacts. Decide on and implement a uniform way to enter contacts (for instance, will you add the information that a contact is so-and-so’s friend in the first name line or in the space for notes?). Combine duplicate contacts.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Your office supplies.

Maybe you have a little collection now that you work at home? Organize your office tools (like the scissors, paperclips, and stapler) and refills (the rolls of tape, staplers, and extra paper).

The compartments in your car.

Don’t forget the glove box, trunk, and center console.