Five Below’s Shoe Rack Helped Me Declutter My Closet for Just $6

published Nov 2, 2023
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Credit: Liz Calka

I have a shoe problem. Well, maybe I would go as far as to call it a problem, but I definitely have a habit of buying more than my tiny New York City closet can comfortably hold. I’ve had to get crafty with my shoe storage over the past couple of years, moving between tiny dorm rooms to an even smaller studio, so I guess you could say I’m a seasoned professional when it comes to making all of my shoes fit. Of course, you have to start by making use of the back of every door in your space (here’s a little inspiration to get you started). Then you move on to under-the-bed storage — for instance, I have four of these Container Store bins under the foot of my bed that hold over a dozen pairs. 

Last, once most of your shoes have a place to live, is when you should snag a shoe rack for your entryway or closet. I’ve tried several styles of shoe racks in my day, from metal to expandable to multi-tier to wooden ones. Most are at least $30, maybe $20 if you’re lucky, but it’s worth investing in a quality option that’ll move with you from place to place and fit in a variety of spaces. I never would’ve thought that Five Below, of all places, would have a sturdy shoe rack that would save me tons of space in my entryway and closet, but I should’ve known better, given how many products we’ve tested and been impressed with from the budget-friendly retailer. Here’s why you should add the $6 2-Tier Shoe Rack to your cart.

What is the 2-Tier Shoe Rack?

What you see is what you get with this no-frills shoe rack that has two tiers, a white metal frame, and sturdy plastic platforms — those come in either pale pink or cream with dark stripes — for you to stack all of your shoes on. Each of the rods are joined by a durable plastic connector, and in my experience, you can squeeze about three pairs on each level depending on the bulkiness of your shoes. At a little less than two feet tall fully assembled, you can also go the route I did and keep both levels separate, using two pieces that are each about 11.5 inches tall, 11 inches deep, and 15 inches wide. Whichever way you decide to build it, it’ll be a small-space-friendly addition to your closet or entryway.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love the 2-Tier Shoe Rack

I’m not wildly picky when it comes to shoe racks — any that’ll hold up and get the job done fit the bill for me. The first test was assembly: Five Below’s shoe rack came entirely disassembled, with simple instructions on how to slide on the plastic sheets and connect each of the metal rods with the connectors. It might’ve taken me five minutes max to get it ready. Though it wouldn’t have been difficult to connect both halves to make it two-tier, I opted to keep them separate, using one half under the bench in my entryway and the other on the floor in my closet.

I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical of how well a $6 item would hold up, but after several weeks of each half bearing my boots and sneakers, there hasn’t been any sign of them tilting or buckling under the weight. The plastic material of each shelf is completely sturdy and easy to wipe down if it gets dirty, and in the case of the one in my closet, it has the added benefit of keeping the shoes in the back visible and easy to find.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

This shoe rack was the first Five Below home item I’ve added to my space, and all in all, I’m totally impressed. I’ve never thought that shoe racks need to be high-end or snazzy — after all, they’re usually tucked away in a closet or covered entirely with shoes. But with how slim and barely noticeable this option is, I really don’t mind it being out on display in my entryway. Thanks to this space-saving shoe rack, I’m totally on the Five Below hype train now.

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