Shoppers Say This Five Below Sherpa Blanket Is a Dupe for a $150 Brand

published Aug 28, 2023
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Whitestown - Circa May 2019: Five Below Retail Store. Five Below is a chain that sells products that cost up to $5 III
Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for great deals — and many of those great deals come courtesy of low-cost “dupes” that have the same look or feel of the original product for a fraction of the cost. One favorite source for affordable dupes? Five Below, the basically-everything-under-$5 bargain store that’s been getting tons of traffic this summer, thanks to their ultra-low-budget Stanley tumbler lookalike that’s recently been restocked in a range of colors.

While the heat of summer might have you thinking more about cooling off than snuggling up, there’s another product hitting Five Below shelves right now that TikTokers have said is a dupe for the expensive Barefoot Dreams blanket: the Luxe Collection sherpa blanket, which comes in seven different colors and is priced at a bargain $5.55.

Like the Barefoot Dreams version, the Five Below blankets are made with 100% polyester, a material that lends itself to the ultra-plush and fuzzy feel. The luxe version has a little more texture to it, and is also larger (it’s 54”x72”, as compared to the 50”x60” Five Below blanket), but the under-$6 version definitely punches above its weight.

Credit: Megan Baker Detloff

I stopped by my local Five Below to see how these felt in person, and while they’re a bit thinner than the higher-end versions, that’s not necessarily a bad thing — these seem like great in-between throw blankets that would be perfect to have on hand during transition seasons when you want something relatively light to cover up with.

Credit: Megan Baker Detloff

One thing that struck me, too, was that this blanket wasn’t just handy for tossing over the back of a sofa or the end of a bed. I could see bringing something like this on a road trip or a long-haul flight to use as either a blanket or to wad up for a pillow. At the price, I wouldn’t be devastated if it got lost, forgotten, or spilled on.

Of course, the timing (and price!) is also perfect if you’re looking for something to bring with you to a college dorm room.

Credit: Megan Baker Detloff

There are a few colors of the Luxe Collection sherpa blanket available, including vivid red, soft cream, sage green, coral (Five Below calls it “copper”), pale purple, light blue, and khaki. But I also saw another display that featured a similar sherpa blanket in the same size called the Super Luxe sherpa blanket; those came in a light beige and bright teal, and were also priced at $5.55.

One other thing I thought this sherpa blanket could work great for? Ultra-cozy DIYs you could do just in time for fall (think: turning the sherpa blanket into a fuzzy throw pillow, using it to cover a stool or an ottoman, or even using it to upholster a plain headboard). For under $6 a pop, these blankets could be the base for a whole slew of low-cost DIY projects.
I’m betting these blankets will become more scarce as we move into September, so it’s worth heading to your local Five Below soon to see which colors are in stock. No Five Below by you? No worries — you can purchase these online, too.

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