I’ve Been Gifting This Mini Fireplace to Everyone I Know for Years — And It’s Perfect for Small Spaces

published Nov 30, 2022
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Credit: Sylvie Li

The fact that my apartment has a fireplace I’m not allowed to use, while understandable, continues to upset me. And since I tend to project my own desires onto others when I shop for gifts, this mini fireplace by FLÎKR has become one I’ve given repeatedly over the years… yet, never to myself. The vicarious joy I’ve experienced through my recipients has been warming enough so far (but perhaps this is the year for me to finally add this to my cart…).

There are plenty of copies out there, but the FLÎKR is the original isopropyl alcohol-powered personal fireplace. The brand uses a proprietary cement that’s resistant to super-high temperatures and allows you to choose between an almond-hued cement base and a shiny aluminum one. All you do is pour five ounces of isopropyl alcohol into the cement vessel, which looks and feels a bit like a mortar without the pestle, and touch the liquid with a flame. Easy enough, but there are a couple things I always tell my giftees:

Make sure to use your FLÎKR only with isopropyl alcohol — never ethyl alcohol — and in a well-ventilated space. Ethyl alcohol is a different story altogether, though, and burning this type releases toxic fumes that cause headaches… at the least. If it’s not too chilly out, I recommend opening a window when using FLÎKR, but try and use it in larger or more open rooms in your home (or even outdoors!). As isopropyl alcohol burns, it releases a bit of carbon dioxide, so it’s totally safe but could end up irritating your nose and eyes a tad in not-well-ventilated areas. I’ve actually never heard any of the people I’ve gifted a FLÎKR to complain about this, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I tell them anyway.

Credit: Amazon

As with anything you’re lighting on fire indoors or out, as long as you’ve got the right flammable liquid and a space without clutter to light it up in, the FLÎKR is completely safe. Think of it like a candle with a bigger flame. The best part about this? You can even cook over it. My friends and I love getting roasty-toasty with some marshmallows in our living rooms for indoor s’mores, but you can definitely get more creative here. If you do plan to cook with the flame, ensure that you’ve got an open window at the very least so any smoke run-off has a place to escape.

With a flame, it offers a super cozy atmosphere for up to an hour. And when inactive, it looks like a sculptural art piece worth displaying. The FLÎKR is a unique and beautiful gift that I’ve given to friends and family members spanning a spectrum of interests, styles, ages, and genders — and everyone loves it (year-round!).