I Have a New Puppy (Again) and This Is the One Product I Swear By for Pet Messes and Stains

published Jul 28, 2022
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Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

When we got a puppy during the pandemic, we wanted him to learn “how to be a dog” from our Isabelle, the Doberman rescue we’d had for 12 years. At the time we also had two senior cats, one of whom was declining in health. 

Here’s the thing: Everyone expects that there will be accidents and messes from puppies, but no one seems to talk about the messes that happen when caring for older pets. And, from personal experience with both, the older pet messes are almost always worse and bigger. (I’ll spare you the details.) 

Anyway, between an old dog, an old cat, and a new puppy, we had a good deal of pet messes and stains to deal with. Now, a year and a half later, we’ve said a couple of very sad goodbyes to our older dog and cat, and said hello to another new addition to our family, a friend (and half-sibling) for our big Rhodesian Ridgeback, Red. So we’re still dealing with more than our share of pet messes and stains. 

However, while we certainly don’t enjoy dealing with the messes, the prospect didn’t deter us from getting more pets because we know we have a reliable solution that works, a secret weapon product that erases even the scariest stains. 

The one product we swear by is something we heard about secondhand before we even had children. A friend told us that a friend of theirs said that Folex was a must-have for anyone with kids (or anyone likely to have to deal with spills and stains on upholstery and carpeting). Since then, we’ve always had a spray bottle of it on hand and around our home, along with a big refill bottle.

Folex is the ultimate stain remover for any mess (pets and kids alike). Because it’s an enzymatic cleaner, it removes organic stains like those that occur with pets. And, it’s so easy to use. 

First, scrape up any solids or soak up any excess liquids (I often sprinkle with baking soda to absorb the liquid and then pick it up with a paper towel). For the stains that remain, spray liberally with Folex, allowing it to sit a bit, then rub with a terrycloth rag. There’s no need to rinse. Repeat if necessary. (It’s usually not.)

You’ll see stains disappear right before your eyes and you too will want to keep a bottle of Folex in your arsenal always.