The No-Fail Way to Make a Dull, Builder-Grade Bathroom Feel Custom

published May 8, 2024
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Interior of a bathroom with white sink marble top and mirror. There is a ceiling mounted exhaust fan, white walls and a toilet bowl beside the closed shower
Credit: Jason Finn / Shutterstock

Lots of builder-grade bathrooms come with flat, frameless mirrors. And often in bathroom renovations, said mirrors are one of the first things to be swapped for something more statement-making. 

But if it’s not in your budget to buy a framed mirror with a cool silhouette, you can still create something custom-looking, like artist and homeowner Cass Danson (@our.home.le.fleur) did. Cass’ primary bath came with basic oval sheet mirrors, but with a small DIY, she made them look so much more custom.

“I was looking for new mirrors for my ensuite just because I wanted to add something a bit more funky into the space,” Cass explains on Instagram. “As I was searching online, I had the thought that I shouldn’t be spending a bunch of money on new mirrors I don’t need and would probably want to change again at some point, so then I had the idea to paint these cute scallops around the mirrors to look like funky frames!”

Cass started by taking her existing mirrors off the wall before she created her scalloped design. 

“I used a pencil to trace around the mirrors and then a large mug to trace the scallops,” Cass says, proving you don’t need a stencil or peel-and-stick decal to create a cute, curved look. If you’re not feeling scallops, try a zigzag or a freeform blob border instead.

The hardest part, in Cass’ opinion, was landing on the right paint color for the detail. “I started with a pale green, but I hated it!” she says. “I ended up going with this teal color to complement but contrast with the pink tiles.” 

Looking for mirrors this project would work with? Try this $8 round mirror from IKEA, this oval one from Amazon, or this rectangular one from The Home Depot. And a $6 sample can of paint in the color of your choice will keep this project wallet-friendly.

Cass writes on Instagram that her mirror project is “your reminder to get creative before spending money on things you don’t need.” Let’s hear it for budget-friendly, easy, and colorful DIYs! Check out the rest of Cass’ colorful, DIY-filled home here.