LEGO Made a Central Perk Set for ‘Friends” 25th Anniversary (and Yes, There’s the Orange Couch)

updated Aug 12, 2019
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One of our favorite shows will soon have a set of building blocks released in its honor. In commemoration of the beloved series’ 25th anniversary, a “Friends” Central Perk LEGO set is headed our way soon.

Aside from binge-watching old episodes, we can’t think of any other way to relive the fun times had by Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross than assembling a 1,079-piece LEGO rendition of the gang’s famous hangout spot. OK, so maybe, watching all 10 seasons back to back is the less laborious option (depends on comfy your couch is), but there’s no doubt that this LEGO set will be a must-have for die-hard “Friends” enthusiasts. 

The set comes with miniature versions of the main cast members in the midst of various activities. For instance, Rachel’s holding a tray and coffee cups while Joey comes with a slice of pizza, a pizza box and a “man bag.” Meanwhile the Phoebe figurine has a guitar, Monica’s holding a muffin and Ross’ accessory is a newspaper.

There’s also an appearance by a broom-wielding Central Perk manager Gunther (who couldn’t be excluded this time for obvious reasons), along with the orange couch that was always strangely available for the Friends to hang out on.  The exterior is accurately recreated with the Central Perk display and striped awning. The collectible set also comes a ton of additional set accessories plus building instructions and details about the set’s creator and LEGO designer. 

“Builders can also recreate the stage where Phoebe Buffay performed her songs on guitar (and Ross Geller once played his keyboard), as well as including a brick-built coffee machine, cookie jar with two cookie elements, menu board element and other authentic items,” a press release reads.

This isn’t the only company that’s celebrating the NYC gang; Pottery Barn recently released their “Friends” themed collection, complete with apothecary table. Plus, you can get a Starbucks-inspired Central Perk cup on Etsy.

The Central Perk LEGO set will be available for sale on on September 1 for $59.99.