10 Garage Organization Ideas That Will Change Your Life

published Apr 23, 2019
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Garages often require more TLC than the rest of our homes. They’re a dumping ground for failed projects, items you can’t seem to part with, tools, gadgets, cars, and more—and keeping the mess in check can feel impossible.

If you’re ready to set aside a weekend to transform your garage space but don’t know where to start, don’t fret. To simplify this space, start with a corner and work your way out. As you clean, add simple things like shelving, splashes of color, and hooks.

We’re totally obsessed with these 10 garage organization ideas.

1. Stack storage containers

Organization requires a place to store items—and good containers are a lifesaver, especially considering the wide variety of items in your garage. Containers come in every shape, size, and material, so you can literally put anything and everything in them.

2. Create a cleaning corner

This garage is an organizer’s dream come true—a stacked washer and dryer, tile to die for, and a working sink right nearby. If your garage is attached to the house, tucking the washer and dryer inside is an ingenious space-saver… and conveniently out of sight.

3. Select sleek shelving

Wire shelving is an organizational nirvana. Give your cluttered garage a sense of calm by putting everything in its place, organized by size. Most home improvement stores sell entire shelving systems with different heights and shelf set-ups to fit your full complement of stuff. (We like these from Home Depot.) These systems are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and come with or without wheels.

4. Prioritize pretty

The garage isn’t always a gorgeous space—so why not give it some color? This simple approach uses relaxing accents of seafoam green. The brightly colored door and matching storage bins above the sink make this garage a place you might actually want to spend your time. This organizational approach is the perfect combination of pretty and functional and shows how a hint of color can transform a space.

5. Get pegboards galore

Pegboards are extremely versatile: you can create a crafting nook, hang tools, or do anything else your heart desires. Abby brings her pops of seafoam green into this sitting space, perfect for quick DIYs. This small spot is the perfect home office-slash-crafting area.

6. Conceal your clutter

When it comes to garage storage, you can never have enough space. And added space is even better if it cuts down on your garage’s cluttered feel, too. These finished storage cabinets in tri-tone wood have us green with envy. They add an elegant flair to an otherwise dreary area and serve a fashionable, functional purpose.

7. Hang your most-used items

Slatwall organizers mimic the Fixer Upper shiplap look—and make your day-to-day housekeeping more functional. Choose wire baskets and metal hangers to add a bit of functional flair, but offer more options for you to keep yourself organized. From shoes to tools, these wire baskets look great and give your clutter a home.

8. Make an entrance

Stop tracking mud and dirt into the home with this combo mudroom/garage entryway. Cute, practical touches like shelves, a bench, and a coat hanger transform the space between your garage and entryway. The homey, functional touches in this dual-purpose area are easy to recreate in your own space.

9. Curate a living space

This garage got the ultimate reorganization makeover: It was transformed into another room! From the modern glass coffee table to the sassy rug and mid-century couch, it’s hard to believe this was ever a garage. While not everyone will be able to recreate this dream room, consider carving out your own creative oasis in your garage.

10. Utilize an awkward corner

Making the best use of tight spaces can be a challenge, but the placement of this corner shelving is genius. It transforms an awkward slice of wall and keeps your items contained. This simple storage solution opens up the room and gives you another spot to store items in style