This Is The Only Plant You Need This Spring, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published May 1, 2024
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Smiling young woman with poodle resting on sofa amidst potted plants at porch
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Creating your dream yard takes time, planning and preparation. Along the way, you’ll find endless possibilities as you browse the aisles in greenhouses, stalk picturesque homey Pinterest gardens, and watch Instagram videos for inspiration. It might even become a tad bit overwhelming. So, how do you choose between annuals and perennials? (And what’s the difference, anyway?) Trees or shrubs? Climbers or creepers? Not every yard can be home to every type of plant — you have to  consider soil types, amount of sunlight and your hardiness zone — but sometimes you just need a little inspiration to start.

Regardless of what you have imagined or already planted, understanding the best plants for your yard according to your zodiac sign can be a fun starting point. Here’s your reference guide.

Aries: Cactus

Many people want a lush, colorful lawn, but not you, Aries. You need a plant that captures your fiery disposition. Of all the plants to choose from, you may resonate with the thorny cactus. Cacti come in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can go all out with a western-themed yard, or opt for a few flowering cacti. No matter what you choose, adding cacti to your yard will make you the talk of the neighborhood, which is always a plus.

Taurus: Lamb’s Ear

A perfect yard should be gorgeous yet low maintenance. So, you will need a plant that’s hearty, but easy to care for. Lamb’s ear will fit right in with your vision of a perfect yard. Planting lamb’s ear will give your yard a bit of contrast; it has soft, plush leaves, which sets it apart from other plants. Plus, you can count on lamb’s ear to come back year after year since this is a no-fuss perennial plant.

Gemini: Dogwood Trees

Since you’re ruled by the cosmic messenger, Mercury, your yard needs a focal point to spark conversation. By planting a dogwood tree in your front yard, you’ll be the hot topic of any yard and garden chit chat. These trees are typically smaller, and well-known for their beautiful blooms that come in an array of colors. Whether you stick to the classic white dogwood blooms or opt for something more ornate, you cannot go wrong with this lovely tree.

Cancer: Vegetable Garden

What if you could nourish your body and your yard at the same time? Planting a vegetable garden is not only good for your soul, but it’s also an excellent addition to your yard. Vegetable gardens can be whatever you make of them. You can always start with a few of your favorite veggies as you tap into your inner farmer. And there’s nothing better than munching on homegrown vegetables as you tend to your beautiful yard.

Leo: Wisteria

Of all the yards in your neighborhood, yours needs to be the showstopper, Leo. Stand out by planting wisteria to add a vivacious flair to your yard. These gorgeous hanging purple flowers will give your yard an otherworldly vibe. You may feel like you are walking through a lavish oasis as the wisteria vines blow in the wind. Onlookers will gaze adoringly at your yard and wonder how you created such a lush wisteria-laden paradise.

Virgo: Herb Garden

If anything should go in your yard, it should be practical yet aesthetically pleasing. Virgo, consider adding an herb garden to your space. Herb gardens are easily contained since most are manageable and durable. With so many options to choose from, you could plant several herbs, like rosemary, dill, basil, and more. You may also love the appeal of having fresh herbs at your disposal to use for cooking, cocktails, and other natural remedies.

Libra: Honeysuckles

As a Venusian zodiac sign, your yard will need to look, feel, and smell amazing. One plant that checks off all of your boxes is the honeysuckle. Not only do honeysuckle add a pop of color, but these fragrant blossoms will also perfume your yard. You will never want your windows closed as long as your honeysuckles are in bloom. Plus, these are great pollinator plants, so this will help your other plants and flowers.

Scorpio: Perennial Flowers

Since you pride yourself on loyalty and determination, you should consider planting perennials in your yard. Unlike most flowers, perennials come back each year after being planted. You will never have to worry or wonder if your flowers will survive the winter. There are also plenty of options to choose from, like peonies, phlox, and more, to add color to your yard.

Sagittarius: Magnolia Tree

What kind of plant will require hard work and perseverance? If you are up for the challenge, then you should plant a magnolia tree in your yard. Magnolia trees are undoubtedly magnificent. However, these trees are not easy to take care of. Magnolia trees demand a lot of time, energy, and attention to grow. Luckily, you are the zodiac sign for the job since you have the strength and willpower to help your magnolia tree flourish.

Capricorn: Flower Shrubs

Nothing quite screams “luxury” like beautifully trimmed flower shrubs dotting the edge of your yard. At first, you might be initially resistant to this kind of shrubbery. But flower shrubs, like red roses or blue hydrangeas, have a classic charm. You could even strategically plant your flower shrubs to section off parts of your yard from the public eye. Who doesn’t love a plant that beautifies your yard while providing you some privacy from the nosy neighbors?

Aquarius: Clover Lawn

What will look great, but also be sustainable for the environment? If you want your yard to truly stand out, then consider planting a clover lawn. Clover lawns can be a more eco-friendly way to achieve a lush, green yard. You may find that clover lawns are notably hardy and easily manageable compared to a traditional grassy yard. Clover lawns also provide a unique look and feel that will distinguish your yard from other yards.

Pisces: Annual Flowers

There’s nothing more romantic than a flower that blooms once, but is the ultimate showstopper. If you agree, you may have a sweet spot for annual flowers. Although these flowers are vibrant, they do not last longer than one season. Your whimsical nature bodes well to the idea of impermanent flowers. You can create whatever dream yard you have imagined by changing your masterpiece each season. As you envision this spring and summer’s setting, you may want to pick up some petunias, chrysanthemums, or something equally beautiful.