Get Rid of Christmas Clutter: 5 Things to Toss Right Now

published Jan 4, 2016
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(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Before you mindlessly pack up all of your holidays decorations, and store them out of sight for the year, take a moment to toss things that have no business sticking around. You’ll be happy next December when you don’t have to wade through three storage bins full of glitter and gold. Get rid of these five things, and maybe you can even get it down to one small box.

1. Broken Tree Lights

Instead of holding onto lights that no longer light up, get rid of them. Especially if you’ve waited several years telling yourself annually that you just need to find a replacement bulb.

2. Old Christmas Cards

After you’ve oohed and aahed over photos of your friends’ kids, and reread your childhood friend’s annual Christmas letter, don’t hang onto the pile of cards and box them up for another year. Either cut them up and reuse them as gift tags for next year, recycle them, or scan the ones you really want to hang on to.

3. Unused Baking Supplies

Even if you used to bake a million different types of cookies over the holidays, you might have toned it down in recent years. Ditch all those cookie cutters that you don’t need, along with old sprinkles, colored sugar, etc…

4. Unwanted Novelty Gifts

If you already know you won’t burn the Santa Claus candle your mother gave you, it’s okay to regift it to someone who will, or to donate said item to a thrift store. Just don’t stick it back in with your other decorations. You won’t like it any better next year.

5. Excess Ornaments

Our household always has too many of these, which hang around long past the point when the Xmas tree is fully decorated. Trash the broken ones, donate the super generic ones without sentimental value, or turn them into a different type of holiday craft — like a wreath or garland.