Giada De Laurentiis Has a Sneaky Storage Solution for Pantry Clutter

published Jun 4, 2024
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headshot of Giada De Laurentiis
Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When Giada De Laurentiis gave followers a peek into her kitchen pantry earlier this spring, it was hard not to marvel at just how much space she set aside for all her favorite ingredients. But, as De Laurentiis just revealed, that’s just one of her pantry spaces. She also has a stash of Giadzy ingredients in her garage (next to another full-sized fridge, mind you) and this might be the most luxurious garage stockpile you’ll ever see.

“I realized I’ve never shown you one of my fav corners of my house, my personal @thegiadzy pantry!!!” De Laurentiis wrote in a recent Instagram caption.

“I’ve got a birthday party that I’m going to tonight,” she said in the video, first posted on June 2. “And one of my favorite things to do is to kind of create my own box from my own personal Giadzy stash in my garage!”

The pantry in her home has all of her favorite Giadzy products, like dried pastas, olive oils, canned tomatoes, jarred chilis, flour, olives, sweets, and more. She also has an entire mini library of her cookbooks at the ready. 

Giada … can I invite you to my birthday party?

“It’s funny, when I first started Giadzy, this is what we did — packed boxes out of the garage,” De Laurentiis said while she packed up a Giadzy box for her friend. “Which is sort of like what happens when you start a small business.” Giadzy, first launched in 2017, is the lifestyle and e-commerce platform where De Laurentiis shares recipes, videos, and entertaining and travel tips as well as products she loves. 

Not only is the stockpile pantry massive, but it’s so well-organized, too, with all the like items stored together. The thing I love about this clever pantry storage is that it solves clutter by utilizing a separate space so you can see what you’ve got in stock clearly. You don’t need a garage (although it does help if you’ve got one!) — you just need a separate, dedicated space to keep your staples.

And honestly, the fact that De Laurentiis can even access this pantry without having to move four bikes, an unfolded tent, and 18 pairs of roller blades is also just incredible. It may be in her garage, but this space has big kitchen energy if I’ve ever seen it.