This TikToker’s DIY Spin on Giant Silverware Wall Decor Is Deliciously Impressive

published Feb 22, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

When TikTok user Annie (@TinyComfortsKitchen) found a set of three giant utensils in the shape of a fork, spoon, and knife, it led her to a DIY project of epic (food) proportions. 

“I’m gonna hang these on my wall, but I want to make it look like there’s milk and giant Fruit Loops in the spoon,” she said while gesturing to the utensils. “And then I wanna put jam on the end of the knife, but my sister says to keep them clean. What do I do?”

Immediately, the comment section of Annie’s video urged her to reject her sister’s advice and begin the art project. Others added that magnetic decor for the utensils would allow her to swap out different foods, which would come in handy during different seasons and holidays. And for the next 12 videos, Annie began her DIY project and documented the entire process on TikTok.

Her journey started at Michaels and Dollar Tree as she filled her cart with Crayola’s Model Magic clay, a foam ball, magnets, craft tools, and paints. For her fork, Annie molded several pieces of clay into the shape of long, stringy noodles and painted a brown color onto the foam ball to resemble a meatball. 

Eventually, she decided to add a bit more texture and paint onto the meatball, and the noodles received a pasta-like cream color with additional pieces of red silicone caulk to mimic spaghetti meat. And once she added a bit of leftover product to replicate parmesan flakes and parsley, the result will wow you.

As for the spoon and its Froot Loops, Annie diced up an unused pool noodle and painted the remnants an assortment of colors. The final result, with a backsplash of milk, looks absolutely delicious, and she ended up diagonally mounting the fork and spoon together. 

Although, the entire project couldn’t be  completed without the detailed jam placement on the knife. After multiple failed attempts to mimic the texture and color of strawberry jam, her third attempt successfully perfected the consistency.

If Annie’s dedicated DIY inspired you to recreate something similar, the set of utensils is available for under $70 at Wayfair.