This Was the Most-Searched Chair of the Last 4 Months, According to Google

published Mar 1, 2024
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Spacious living room with a big sofa and a blackboard wall
Credit: Ground Picture/Shutterstock

If you’ve ever wondered how search trends translate into, well, actual trends, Google has you covered with the latest 2024 predictions.

The platform just unveiled its Spring Try Guide, a shoppable trend report similar to their annual Holiday 100 gift guide. Using Google Trends data, this highlights the most sought-after topics and keywords in the United States that racked up notably high search interest between October 2023 to January 2024 (and will likely continue in the coming months). Categories include home & decor, beauty, apparel, and footwear, and Google even tapped celebs like Martha Stewart, Jenna Lyons, and more to help curate specific products for each. 

Stewart specifically helmed the Spring Try Guide’s home & decor section, which notes that, in terms of seating trends, “loveseat” was the most popular term searched in tandem with “cozy chairs” over the past few months — proof that comfy small-space seating is (and will be) majorly in demand. As for “side chairs,” another trending phrase, “armchair” and “papasan chair,” accrued the highest Google search volumes

Other noteworthy findings? For the past five years, searches for another compact accent, “floor lamps,” have surged during the first week of January (which makes sense, TBH, given the dreary time of year). “Coffee table” also stood out as the most-searched type of table from the October to January time frame. 

You can shop a selection of these trending furniture and decor divisions directly from the Spring Try Guide, as well as a list of Stewart’s own handpicked product suggestions. The results also populate with Google’s “get it fast” shopping filter, which prioritizes items with fast shipping or local availability — perfect if you’re ready to turn your Google searches into new home additions ASAP. And for even more shopping inspiration, check out some editor-approved loveseats, small-space-friendly arm chairs, and stylish floor lamps.