This TikToker Converted an Old Grandfather Clock into a Bookshelf

published Nov 3, 2023
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For avid readers, a quality bookshelf and cozy reading nook matter, since it can encourage you to get lost inside a book for hours. When it comes to organizing a bookshelf, you may want to categorize certain books together by their colorful covers or memorable stories, but some opt to add multiple plants to throw a little greenery onto their shelves. For one author, a regular shelf might’ve been enough for her collection of books until she stumbled upon an unlikely DIY project.

On TikTok, Meg Smitherman (@megsmitherman) shared a video of a grandfather clock that she spotted at an antique store. Although the clock wasn’t working, she still decided to purchase it and convert it into a bookshelf. And the result might have you interested in visiting your closest antique store.

After removing the inside parts of the clock (besides the face), Smitherman swapped at least four shelves into the clock, and the refurbished bookshelf is a masterpiece that you’d only see inside a library. Once the furniture flip was completely done, books quickly filled the shelves.

This isn’t the only instance of someone repurposing a grandfather clock as a bookshelf on the video app; Sarah Blythe Raccosi (@racoosinator) did the same back in May.

In the comment section of Smitherman’s video, someone suggested replacing the clock’s hands with a battery-operated option to revive the clock while maintaining its original state. Meanwhile, others shared their disappointment because Smitherman didn’t restore the clock to its original state, but she assured them that the clock’s new purpose didn’t destroy its value. Plus, her DIY project is an inspiration to visit an antique store and create something with a forgotten piece of furniture. 

Although Smitherman didn’t detail the process for repurposing the grandfather clock, a crafty person happened to do the exact same DIY on a similar clock and documented it on YouTube.

If Smitherman’s vision for an old grandfather clock encourages you to do some secondhand shopping, grab your tools and find a new home for your books.