6 Ingenious Kitchen Finds Straight from My Grandma’s Amazon Cart

published Dec 14, 2022
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Pretty soon, I’m going to have to rightfully give my job over to my grandma. Her resume as an online shopper and product tester is likely stacked, probably a lot more than mine is, and her intuition when it comes to sourcing quality, ingenious finds on Amazon never seems to fail. Last week, she shared her Amazon account info with me to help her source the best light bulbs for her home … but (after some shameless snooping), I found so much more. Not only is her list of recent purchases a treasure trove in its own right, but her shopping cart exclusively features gadgets, tools, and hacks that even I never would have found. Say a prayer that she forgives me for exposing her secrets to an immaculate, well-oiled home and read on for a few of her coolest recent finds.

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If it's all in the wrist when it comes to flipping pancakes (or even just lifting a pan by its handle), then this vertical handle attachment by KitchInventions changes the whole game. Pans can be heavy — and not everyone has the same abilities — but my Grandma found this awesome, ergonomic solution from Amazon in the interim.

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Did I mention Grandma's from Texas? Handling jalepeños when they're called for in a recipe can be dangerous stuff. Touching the seeds — or really any part of the inside of hot peppers — can leave behind oils that are painful on the skin and hard to get off. Grandma found this stainless-steel hot pepper corer to help her remove the core and seeds of her (homegrown!) jalepeños quickly, neatly, and much more comfortably, espeically considering how much less contact is involved between seeds and chef.

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For anyone into tea or coffee, like my Grandparents, seeing the color of your brew is such a part of the experience — not to mention part of making sure it's steeped or brewed to your preferred strength. These borosilicate glass mugs are double-layered, so they won't break if they're dropped, won't burn your hand from a lack of heat resistance, and will allow you to check out your beverage every sip of the way.

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My grandparents' house is like the coziest Best Buy showroom you've ever seen. In order to keep all the devices charged and ready to go the next time a recipe needs researching, developing, or executing, my Grandma unveiled a new, multi-device charging station in a chic, modern, bamboo finish. It has a place for everything, including slots shaped specifically for circular Apple Watch chargers. Once all the cooking is done, devices are stored away in this charging dock just as all her other kitchen tools are neatly organized and tucked away for next time.

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The old-school look of the original Mason jar doesn't go out of style, but Grandma's wooden Mason jar lids make them trendier than I would have given her credit for — a mistake I no longer make. They're also wider than the aluminum ones the jars come with, so they're easier and more comfortable to twist open. She scatters her chic jars around her home and keeps them full of bite-sized candy bars so my grandfather has easy access to his favorite treats without having to make the trek to the kitchen with his walker. Accessibility for the win!

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Sink stoppers are a pain. The one your sink (or your house) comes with never seems to last, but neither do the fimsy silicone replacement ones I personally always buy thinking I'm saving money on a real one. If I do spring for the real deal, I can never seem to actually get the metal stopper in the right size or find one that's easy to use and stays clean. Grandma doesn't have time for all this nonsense, so she found this universal stopper and set each of her kitchen and bathroom drains up with one. The best part? All her sinks and tubs look uniform and luxe with just this one detail upgrade.

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