Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kitchen Book Nook Will Inspire Bookworms Everywhere

published Apr 14, 2022
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Credit: Shutterstock/Ron Adar

Books as decor continues to be a divisive topic depending on whether you skew more minimalist in your purchases and style picks or you prefer to go all-out and surround yourself with stacks in every room. But if the recent debate sparked by Ashley Tisdale’s admission that she purchased 400 books to fill her living room shelves ahead of a visit from Architectural Digest, you might be pleasantly surprised by Gwyneth Paltrow’s more pared-down method.

The GOOP guru recently shared an Instagram photo dump (jokingly asking “is that what the kids call it?” in her caption) of a recent cleanse she’d completed, and while the benefits and safety of detox cleanses are dubious at best, Paltrow’s peek into her mini kitchen book nook is worthy of recreating in your own space.

In the last video clip of her post, Paltrow can be seen convincing her husband, Brad Falchuk, to try a pumpkin pie-flavored Goop protein powder. But behind the couple is a built-in open cabinet which the pair have filled with books, and it’s the perfect vibe given that Paltrow has been known to use her kitchen as a makeshift home office on multiple occasions.

Nestled between her glass cabinets with mugs and glassware is an open corner cabinet stacked high with books, and it’s definitely the more doable alternative to Drew Barrymore’s famed cookbook closet. Whether you’re a cookbook aficionado like Barrymore or simply enjoy paging through a book as you enjoy breakfast, Paltrow is undoubtedly making the case for creating a designated bookshelf in your kitchen as an unexpected spot to store your favorites page-turners.

It’s unclear which of Paltrow’s properties is home to the charming kitchen bookshelf (yes, she has multiple homes), but it’s a fun, stylish addition to any kitchen space big or small… and you don’t have to hire a personal book curator like Paltrow has in the past to make it work for you.