This Easy, Dollar-Store DIY Gets Your Plants Halloween-Ready

published Sep 17, 2023
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Some people love to go all out with their Halloween decorating. But if you’re the type who leans more into subtle spooky decor, then you’ll love this creepy Halloween DIY project that only the most eagle-eyed guests will notice. With just a few ping-pong balls, glue, and skewers — all of which can be purchased at your local dollar store for under $5 — you can turn your houseplant collection into spooky little monsters.

A TikTok user named Brooke (@iambrookebrady) came up with the idea to turn her plants into creatures by hot-gluing two ping-pong balls together and attaching a metal skewer (or a heavy-duty straight piece of floral wire) to the center point where the balls are joined.

She then cut circular pieces of black sticky felt to turn the balls into eyes, but you could also just use a black marker to draw the pupils on, too.

“I’m so going to put these in my mom’s houseplants when she isn’t home,” one person commented on Brooke’s post. Another commenter added, “Why just Halloween? I’d randomly leave these in gardens and parks I take walks in.”

And someone else suggested that you paint the ping-pong balls in glow-in-the-dark paint — “yard decorations,” they wrote.

You could get really creative with these and make the pupils different colors, add red veins to make the eyeballs look dried-out and strained (great for those plants that didn’t quite make it), or even glue a single ball onto a skewer to turn your plants into cyclopses. 

Let your imagination run wild and have fun turning your home (or the home of an unsuspecting loved one) into a greenhouse filled with creepy, crawly specimens that seem to watch your every move.