You Can Win $1,300 If You Can Watch 13 Stephen King Movies By Halloween

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Is 13 your lucky number? Well, DISH is having a contest that could put $1,300 extra bucks straight into your bank account—all you have to do is watch 13 Stephen King movies before Halloween. I think we can all agree that watching 13 movies is a pretty chill way to make some extra cash. Plus, for fans of Stephen King or horror flicks in general, this won’t even register as a job.

The winner will be asked to monitor their heart rate via a Fitbit and document the experience, especially the scariest parts. Those who are accustomed to this film genre might not think they’ll see noteworthy spikes in their heart rate, but the results could prove their bodies are reacting to the gory stimulation. The company will send The Chosen One (*ominous voice*) access to all of the movies as well as a survival kit to help navigate the nightmarish ride. The kit will include things like popcorn, a flashlight, a blanket, candy, and Stephen King swag. And once the subject of this scary science experiment completes their tasks, they’ll also get a movie theater gift card so they can go see a 14th movie (without having to document the experience). 

The most taxing thing about the whole deal probably is that the winner will be asked to track their heart rate even when they’re asleep. But really, how difficult is that? You might be passed out hard from the emotional stress or unable to sleep, anyway. In either case, wearing a Fitbit isn’t a big deal. And then, once it’s all over, $1300 will appear for you just like that.

If only we could always get paid that much for every 13 movies we watch…