26 Spooky, Silly, and Fun Halloween-Themed Date Ideas

updated Sep 15, 2023
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I know that song is about Christmas, but for those who prefer witches and vampires to Santa and his elves, late October is when things truly become magical. And Halloween is the perfect time to up your dating game, because there’s always so much to do. Not sure where to start and need some Halloween date ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Sure, you can do the usual and wear a couple’s costume and party together, but there are plenty of other fun, spooky things you can do as a pair this time of year, too. Whether you want to venture out or stay in, try one of these creepy-but-cute Halloween date ideas.

(Bonus: They all double as friend dates!)

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1. Host a bonfire.

Gather your friends, family, and neighbors for a crisp fall evening spent outside around a roaring fire. Don’t forget the ghost stories! 

2. Rent a cabin in the woods.

For the couple looking to get romantic on Halloween, there’s nothing more fitting than booking a night or two at a cozy cabin in the woods. Pop in a scary movie or start a crackling fire during your stay.

3. Host a costume party together.

Once you both get your costumes on point, it’s time to throw a festive gathering on the sched. You’ll have a blast seeing everyone’s clever costumes.

4. Make caramel apples together.

These iconic treats are a hallmark of fall, and especially Halloween. Have fun getting sticky when you come together in the kitchen to make this yummy treat. 

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5. Try out a corn maze.

Many local farms will host a corn maze for kids and adults alike. Heading into the field as the sun sets can be fun and challenging for couples who actually want to get lost in the dark together. 

6. Attend a fall festival.

Rides, cotton candy, games, and livestock. If your local town hosts a fall festival celebration, this popular fall activity should be on your list of Halloween date ideas.

7. Go camping. 

If a cabin in the woods isn’t quite in the budget, or if you’re looking for a last-minute getaway, why not go camping together for Halloween? Make a fire and share spooky stories, or take the opportunity to learn more about one another. Either way — it’s a win!

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8. Challenge each other to a pumpkin carving (or painting!) contest.

If you’re feeling extra competitive, post your final pieces on social media to see which one gets more likes.

9. Make a late-night grocery-store run for snacks.

Then stay up all night watching the cheesiest scary movies you can find — the worse the plot, the better. 

10. Go costume shopping together.

Try on only the most ridiculous options.

11. Don your coziest sweaters and go on a haunted hayride.

Or just a regular one, if you’re not feeling that spooky. Or maybe decide to make your way through a creepy corn maze.

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12. Creep through a haunted house together.

Because nothing brings two people closer together than a good scare.

13. Check out local haunts.

Look up places near you that are known for their weird urban legends or are thought to be haunted, then take a day trip to go drive around and check them out. 

14. Volunteer for a Halloween charity together.

Something like your local Trunk or Treat event, where people go to a public parking lot, decorate their cars, and fill the trunk with candy for kids. 

15. Have a costume crafting day.

Go to your closest craft store together to gather supplies, then spend the day making your own unique DIY costumes

Credit: Lauren Volo

16. Challenge each other to a spooky-themed treat bakeoff.

Then taste-test to see who the winner is. (Spoiler: It’ll be both of you, because who doesn’t love having double the dessert?) 

17. Make Halloween playlists for each other.

Then spend the night listening to them and having a dance party for two. 

18. Share ghost stories.

If you’ve got a yard or rooftop access, sit outside in your coziest clothes, snuggle up, and tell each other ghost stories — bonus points if you can add in some creepy lighting or a bonfire.

19. Attend a nearby Halloween bar crawl together.

In costume, of course.

20. Go for a late-night walk in the cemetery.

That is, if you think you can handle it.

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21. Decorate your front porch for trick-or-treaters.

Whether you live together or apart, choose a house and set the scene for trick-or-treaters — jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, and a great assortment of candy recommended.

22. Go on a ghost tour.

For a spooky evening out, search for “ghost tours near me” and learn more about your town’s haunted history. 

23. Head to a Halloween event at an amusement park.

Most amusement parks have Halloween events in October that happen once the sun sets. Just be prepared to run from chainsaw-wielding menaces and zombies hungry for brains. 

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24. Get your fortune read by a tarot card reader.

You can also read each other’s tarot cards or have your palms read by a local psychic. Just remember it’s all in good fun, and it could be a unique way to learn a little more about each other, and your future! 

25. Dine by candlelight.

You can choose whether you lean into the spooky vibe or one that’s a little more romantic. Either way, the candle light will make your dining room or kitchen table hauntingly elegant. 

26. Make Halloween-themed cocktails.

Bloody Mary, anyone? You can turn any cocktail into a Halloween-themed one — just safely add a bit of dry ice and watching it start to smoke. Cheers!