Yes, Halloween Trees Are Officially a Thing, and We Don’t Hate It

published Oct 3, 2020
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black mantle next to black Halloween tree

Halloween is quickly creeping up, which means tricks, treats, and a whole lot of <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="spooky%20decor.%20In%20addition%20to%20your%20typical%20cobwebs,%20<a%20href=" https:>TikTok-inspired pumpkin arch, cauldrons, and larger-than-life-sized skeleton fare, there’s a design trend that’s been climbing in popularity the last few years: the spooky, and definitely not understated, Halloween tree.

Here, you’ll find 10 of our favorite Halloween tree ideas to browse just in time to get your own spooky tree set up for this favorite fall holiday.

1. Tabletop Tree

We can’t blame you for not wanting to go all out. Sometimes, Halloween decor is best kept…contained. That’s why we love this tree in a bucket by @vintagecharmhouse. They used a medium-sized black branch in a vintage-inspired bucket for a small but chic Halloween tree.

2. Feather the Nest

This Halloween tree by @thecagedmuse puts a bit of a spin on this fun, new tradition, with orange feathers sticking out from the branches. Of course, it incorporates other orange elements, along with a fantastic banner, too. It’s all a nod to the spooky day without being overly gaudy or scary.

3. Oversized Candy Corn

This black tree by @mypapercrane keeps things simple and chic with only one decoration that’s repeated throughout: a piece of oversized candy corn. It’s a cute way to DIY a halloween tree in a budget-friendly way.

4. Tiny Trees

This collection of micro Halloween trees by @stampinkcreate is a clever spin on a larger tree. Using a bag full of wooden stands from a craft store (they’re often used as wedding decor!), they’ve created a bevy of cute Halloween trees that double as a fun craft project to get the kids involved.

5. Black, White and Spooky All Over

This eerie yet elegant Halloween scene by @spooktacularstyle includes a fully decorated Halloween tree, complete with seasonally appropriate ribbon, baubles, skeletons, and of course, cauldrons. What better way to prepare for this spooky holiday?

6. Top Hat

Clearly, a Halloween tree differs from a Christmas tree in many ways. One of those ways is the topper – you likely won’t want to haul out your Christmas angel or star for your this spooky decoration. We love the witch’s hat seen on this tree by @theoldhouseonmain.

7. Wickedly Whimsical

Oversized spider webs, skeletons and candy corn adorn this Halloween tree by @holidaysontheboulevard. Slightly gaudy but oh-so-seasonally appropriate, this crafty tree also includes huge, handmade bows in a combination of green, black and white.

Credit: @brunkjunk

8. Tall and Thin

This Halloween tree by @brunkjunk might be tucked into the corner of this room, but it’s far from overshadowed. In fact, a large, illuminated Halloween decoration serves as a focal point to go along with the tree.

9. Incorporating Orange

This white-tipped Halloween tree by @halloweendarkness manages to look beautiful despite its spooky undertones. Subtle skeletons appear between the branches, while bright orange ribbon pops against the white background.

Credit: @naooooopu

10. Scani-Style Minimalist

How cute is this little Halloween tree? Whether you’re going for a minimalist look, or simply trying to dial back the scary for little ones, this sweet little tree by @naoooooopu is an adorable option.