If You’re Not Putting Your Wreath in this Spot, You’re Missing Out

updated Nov 10, 2020
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Decorative wreaths come in many different sizes and materials, but one thing remains a constant: The place where you’re most likely to hang one is probably on the front of your door. Sure, you can branch out with one over a mantel or even on top of a mirror or window. Maybe you’ve even used one on a table as the base of a centerpiece or to set off wall sconces, as shown in the bedroom above. The front door, however, has remained the top spot for centuries; there’s even evidence that suggests olive and laurel wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Greece as offerings to the gods to ensure a good harvest.

Whether you’re putting one up to celebrate a holiday or season—or just to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal—most front doors are public-facing, and that’s why hanging a wreath there provides such a warm welcome or a festive touch to your home. This year, however, I want to suggest a tweak to your wreath placement plan. Instead of hanging your wreath on the outside of your front door, put it on the inside of your front door instead.

Credit: Lisa Freedman

I’m not suggesting you eliminate all other potential spots for decorating with wreaths, particularly if you have several styles you like to trot out for fall or the holidays. I’m just saying that if you only have one wreath, I can easily make the case of why you should put yours inside your door instead of outside of it. My mother has been doing this for years, and there’s a sound logic behind this move.

First, if your front door is visible from your living room or kitchen, you can actually enjoy your wreath more if you place it here versus on the reverse side of the door. I live in a fairly small New York City apartment and sadly don’t have much room for seasonal decor. My television is over my fireplace, so that’s a no-go for a wreath, and I’m not about to block one bit of natural light streaming through my window with anything other than curtains. The inside of my front door, though? By hanging a wreath there, I will still be able to see and enjoy it from my sofa, and I already have a hook there for keys and masks.

Second, unlike other years, I’ll be doing zero IRL entertaining of guests. Save package and take-out deliveries—and maybe a neighbor or two passing by—no one is really going to be getting up close and personal with my front door this year, so I don’t necessarily see the point in putting a wreath there.

If you like to go over the top for the holidays, by all means, put all the glitz in all of the spots with all of the wreaths. To you minimalist types though, who maybe only have one wreath in your holiday arsenal, I say be a little selfish this year and hang your wreath for you—not for anyone else—but putting it inside your front door. That’s what I’m going to do. It’ll be a nice reminder to hurry home, back to my holiday decor, when I’m on my way out.