The $14 Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Keeps Me From Misplacing Earrings (It Also Saves So Much Space!)

published Oct 28, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Prior to working at Apartment Therapy, I never had an organized home or bedroom — just ask my friends, former roommate, boyfriend, and my mother. I have a lot of stuff (especially now that I’ve brought so many products into my apartment for testing) and not a lot of space to put it, so I have always struggled with keeping my space clutter-free. After starting my job earlier this year, I have come across innovative organizers for my closet, my kitchen, and my bathroom. By systematically tackling problem area by problem area, I’ve been able to (finally!) instill some order, although I do have a bit of a ways to go. One of my biggest frustrations was my jewelry collection.

Before moving in August, I had been storing it in an awkwardly large (yet very pretty) three-tier mirrored jewelry box. It was both too big and too small at the same time — it took up way too much real estate on my desk and yet I could never seem to find what I was looking for, so I placed my earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on my dresser or in other odd places. This horrible system caused me to lose jewelry and constantly freak out over misplacing it. When I did move, I donated the jewelry box and temporarily stowed my accessories in a toiletry bag (which was also very annoying).

Last month, I went on an Amazon deep dive to find an organizer that would suit my needs. In addition to my two storage methods, I also had jewelry tray dividers as a teenager, but in my new space, I didn’t have a dresser, so that wasn’t an option. I had already fallen head-over-heels for my hanging purse organizer, which inspired me to see if there was a similar space-saving option for jewelry. Luckily, there was. I ordered the BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer in beige, which boasts 23,600 reviews on Amazon.

This double-sided organizer boasts 80 transparent vinyl pockets, with larger pockets on the bottom and smaller near the top. My jewelry collection is not extensive, so I only managed to fill up one side of the organizer. In some cases, I did double-up similar pairs of earrings, because it felt silly to give one pair of studs a huge compartment. The two biggest selling points for me were that the organizer takes up maybe 1 inch of width in my space, and I can see absolutely everything I own in one place, which makes getting ready so much easier.

The organizer is also foldable — when it comes time to move, I could easily put it into a suitcase without worrying that everything would fall out. It’s the perfect option for anyone who has trouble keeping track of jewelry and people short on space. Plus, it’s very affordable — just under $14.