9 Hanging Trash Cans That’ll Save Space and Revolutionize Meal Prep

published Sep 29, 2023
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someone putting a white trash bag into. trash can
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Every morning, I’m plagued with the same problem: carrying cracked eggshells leaking with yolk from my stove to my trash can, hoping that the liquid won’t fall onto my kitchen floor. And every morning, I deal with the same result: cleaning egg yolk off of my floor and cursing myself for thinking that this time around would be different. Who knew making scrambled eggs could be so problematic?

Anyway, the solution to my overly dramatized issue is quite simple: a hanging trash can. I know that it might seem excessive to have two trash cans in one room, but the ability to quickly toss away gross food or random scraps is actually a game-changer for home cooks. It takes away any potential mishaps and ensures that floors, counters, and even stovetops remain clean. Also, going this route is a surefire way to save space in your cooking area. Nobody wants another obstacle to avoid in the kitchen, and the hanging hack gets rid of that threat altogether. What’s more, the cleaning hack won’t cost you a whole lot. The majority of hanging trash cans cost between $10 and $50. Check out the top-rated, most popular hanging trash cans below.

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was $35.99

This easy-to-install bin comes with all of the materials needed for a painless mounting that won’t take more than a few minutes. What’s more, you can choose from three color options including white, gray, and light blue. The unique design prevents any dirt and grime buildup, as well.

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West Elm

If you didn’t think an aesthetic trash can was a possibility, meet the Brabantia built-in bins from West Elm. The sleek and compact style is designed to fit on the inside of cupboards to conceal discarded grub. Even though the trash cans are small, they come packed with useful features like a handle for easing discarding, and a lid to conceal smells. The duo comes in three sizes: 2.6 gallons, 3.2 gallons, and 4.2 gallons.

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Sometimes, the bare minimum gets the job done — and done well. This under-$10 Amazon favorite proves it. The trash bag holder is simple in design, but will prove to be a game-changer when you can finally use up all of those grocery bags you’ve collected. The slim design fits easily under tight cabinets, closets, or drawers.

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was $21.99

In addition to looking like it belongs in an Apple store, this sleek waste basket is so compact that it can fit pretty much anywhere. The brand recommends even putting it in your car — which, honestly, is not a bad idea if your family loves a good road trip. The 2.4-gallon trash can has a nifty fix ring that ensures waste liners don’t shimmy from side to side. Plus, it rings in at an affordable under-$20 price tag.

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This no-frills trash can has an incredibly simple hanging process for which the tool-challenged will be thankful. All you have to do is remove some protective film, choose a place to stick the hanger, and you’re set! Small but mighty, you can use this waste bin for collecting dirty dish towels, unused produce, or miscellaneous scraps that accumulate throughout your cooking process. Ideal for tight spaces, the bin is under 11 inches.

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was $11.99

For those moments when you need more disposal space than usual — ahem, holiday meal prep — you’ll be grateful for this folding can. It has the ability to expand and shrink, thanks to its folding capabilities. This way, you’ll save space during nights when you order in, and double your trash area for when you need it.

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This hanging trash can is all about personal preference. It comes with an over-the-door hook for easy cabinet installation, and has an adhesive-back option if you prefer to place it directly onto a wall. What’s more, the lid can lift or slide at your discretion. For such a small design, it comes with impressive functionality.

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was $16.99

This teeny-tiny trash can is ideal for spaces that could use some tidying up (think: your makeup table, work desk, or bedroom vanity). The mountable bin is just above five inches long, so rest assured that your space won’t be overtaken by this addition.

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was $29.59

You’d think this stainless steel compost bin would ring in for a hefty price tag, but you won’t have to spend more than $30 on this sleek design. The ribbed model has three color choices that will seamlessly blend in with other appliances. But, in addition to looks, the trash can has a multifunctional lid that opens two ways, plus an odor-blocking finish to ensure your home stays fresh.