Have a More Organized Monday: 5 Tips for Tidying Your Dresser Drawers

updated May 7, 2019
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We always focus on organizing your closet, which is definitely a vital storage area to keep clean and organized for easy dressing during the work week. But your dresser drawers are important too — save yourself just the smallest amount of time by cutting out the search for matching socks! Here are a few tips for getting your dresser drawers organized and keeping them that way.

(Image credit: Jason Loper)

You know how it is — in the hustle and bustle of daily life you want to grab your clothes out of the drawer and go. Then, on laundry day, you drop your clean clothes in the drawer and promise you’ll be back later to straighten up. Well that day is today!

1. Every month, take everything out of your drawers and refold them.
It’s not a very fun job but it will keep your drawers tidy and organized. Plus, it’s a good time to pull out stained or torn clothing to throw away and set aside clothes you haven’t worn in awhile to be donated.

2. Rather than stacking T-shirts, try “filing” them.
As you can see in the after photo, I filed my color T-shirts so I can easily assess which one I want. When items are stacked it’s invariably the one on the bottom that you want and getting to that one involves disrupting all the others…and that’s what leads to a messy drawer.

3. Use containers in your drawers to hold the small stuff.
In my drawer I’ve used a few containers. There’s a small bank where I stow my collection of wheat pennies and other old money, a jewelry box for watches and necklaces, plus a large bowl to hold my bow ties.

4. If you have a particularly large drawer, consider picking up dividers or organizers.
You can find organizers at stores like The Container Store which will help you keep things tidy by creating sections in the drawers. You can also make drawer dividers very easily and very cheaply, find a how-to in here.

5. Keep your drawer smelling fresh by storing candles in it.
Whether it’s a new or even just a little nub of a mostly burned one, a candle placed in your drawer will keep your clothes smelling lovely. You could also use bars of soap. It won’t keep your drawers organized, but it will make you enjoy opening them up!

Do you have any dresser organizing tips that work for you? Share with readers in the comments below!

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