Here’s Exactly How Much Whole Foods Dropped Its Prices Today

published Aug 28, 2017
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The news swept the internet last week that due to their acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods was going to start dropping prices on a variety of items as of today. Several news outlets have visited different locations of the organic grocer and are reporting on just how much savings there is to be had.

In Thursday’s announcement, Amazon and Whole Foods flagged a handful of items as the first to get discounted, including Whole Trade bananas, organic avocados, organic large brown eggs, organic responsibly-farmed salmon and tilapia, organic baby kale and baby lettuce, animal-welfare-rated 85% lean ground beef, creamy and crunchy almond butter, organic Gala and Fuji apples, organic rotisserie chicken, 365 Everyday Value organic butter, among others.

Bloomberg, Food & Wine, Eater, and more all sent people to eye those price tags over the weekend and again today to spot the differences, and the results are exciting: Almost everything cross referenced was cheaper, and in pricier markets like New York, items are discounted as much as 50 percent.

Bloomberg went to the E 57th Street location in Manhattan, where organic Fuji apples dropped from $3.49 per pound to $1.99 (43 percent), and Eater reported a drop of 50 percent on organic avocados—from $2.99 to $1.49 each—at the Union Square and UES locations. Maybe now millennials can afford a down payment on a house.

There are big discounts on meat, fish, and chicken too—with responsibly farmed tilapia and salmon priced 27 to 33 percent lower, organic rotisserie chicken 20 to 29 percent cheaper, and 85% lean ground beef down 29 to 30 percent, according to Eater.

The only item that remained the same was organic butter at an Austin, Texas store—where prices are already lower overall (Austin is home to Whole Foods headquarters).

As Amazon’s Jeff Wilke said on Thursday, “This is just the beginning.”

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