IMO, All Cat Parents Should Own This Self-Cleaning Brush

published Dec 9, 2021
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Cat owners know, especially those who are the parents of multiple furballs, the importance of grooming assistance. Depending on the breed of your cat, regular brushing prevents matting, aids in their comfort during seasonal shedding, and keeps all your stuff from being as coated with cat hair. So, it’s really about finding the best tool for your kitty’s mane and your ease of use. Luckily, I’ve had the one in my arsenal for two years now and it’s still the best cat brush I’ve tried by far.

My cat Louie knows the second I whip out the HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, which I like to think is because he’s a genius, but is likely because of the click sound it makes when I eject the bristles and get it ready for grooming. It’s got a button on the back at the top of the handle that pulls and locks the bristles in, making the brush surface smooth and safer for storing and handling. When you’re ready, just push again and the bristles are ejected and locked in brush mode, if you will. This also means that when you’re done grooming or need to clean out the brush for more, you simply push the button and as all the bristles are pulled in, the fur is left on the outside to be easily swept up and thrown away.

As much as I love quality time with Lou, the digging into the sharp bristles to remove all that hair after brushing was a complete pain to me. After collecting brush after regular cat brush, each of which would end up with a seemingly unremovable layer of cat hair at the base of the bristles, I decided to find another solution. Now, I only have one brush, my cat has his routine with a tool he trusts (and loves!), and I get excited for brush time again , especially since the self-cleaning mechanism of the HERTZKO is beyond satisfying to use.

Louie and I have the brush in the original style which has wire bristles without the buffer balls at the ends, but it also comes in a sensitive skin version which is also excellent for dogs and isn’t quite as scratchy. Whichever you choose, this brush is the one pet care tool I find myself recommending — and my cat begs to use — over and over.