I’m a Style Editor, and This Is the Unexpected Place I Discovered My New Favorite Rug (for Under $200!)

published Sep 7, 2022
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I’m very picky about rugs. Like, only-ever-really-liked-three-designs-in-my-adult-life kind of picky… and I’ve browsed a lot of different styles and home sites over the years. Most rugs I’d encountered were either way too expensive or just didn’t really do it for me looks-wise (repeat, picky!). I also suffer from major interior indecisiveness, going back and forth between wanting a modern, colorful accent versus something more timeless and antique-inspired. It’s a whole dilemma. TL;DR, my apartment’s been almost entirely rug-less for two years.

Recently, though, I’ve actually picked up a specific style preference: jute rugs. They’re nothing particularly new, per se, but they’ve been popping up all over house tours and my social media feeds. I ultimately love their natural, woven aesthetic — it reminds me of something from Martha Stewart’s beach house or the set of “Something’s Gotta Give.” But I wanted to find a slightly unique, not-everyone-else-has-it take on this trend, whatever that might entail. After some initial online shopping, I ended up getting an Instagram ad (thanks, algorithm) for the perfect design: a light-hued oval jute area rug for $199. The size, nontraditional shape, and less-than-$200 price checked all my boxes, and best of all it even came from somewhat of a surprising spot — H&M.

H&M Home has been one of my longstanding go-to’s for small-scale contemporary decor (including my favorite rattan storage baskets). I’d never considered the brand for rugs at all, nor did I realize they had such an amazing assortment to begin with, and I truthfully wasn’t sure what to expect with this jute style. I mean, given the cost alone, I worried it might be too good to be true. Once I measured my living room, though, I ordered anyway. I’ll admit, I sort of anticipated hating this rug (as I do with most) but, since it arrived, it’s been just what my apartment needed. Pickiness, who?

Measuring 67″ by 94″, it’s just slightly smaller than a standard 6′ by 8′ rug — which, for reference, fit well underneath my 101-inch-wide sectional. I eventually decided to move it into my bedroom permanently (after replacing it with an equally alluring and affordable style), where I have a sizable alcove at the foot of my bed with a dresser and armchair. Stylistically, the rug breaks up a lot of boxiness within the area, adds much-needed texture, and just improves the flow of the bedroom overall in a way that a similar rectangular version might not. What originally felt like two very distinct “zones” now looks like one cohesive space. The rug’s muted, neutral coloring completely enhances my surrounding furniture, as well.

As for quality, this oval piece exceeded expectations. I’m well aware jute rugs aren’t the, um, coziest underfoot, yet this one’s thin enough to genuinely feel soft and gentle. That’s not to say it’s lacking on the durability front, and it’s held up well against a quick vacuum once-over, too. My only complaint is that H&M doesn’t carry rug pads, so it slides around a teensy bit and I’ll need to get some rug stickers to secure it in place. Otherwise, it looks super high quality… and coastal grandmother chic, to boot.

H&M’s oval jute rug comes in beige or light beige hues, as well as a large round version for $99. Shopping hack, you can also potentially save on your order by becoming an H&M member — the brand’s been offering a handful of limited-time, exclusive discounts over the past few weeks, during which I was able to get this rug for 15 percent off. Their loyalty program is free to join and offers free online returns, and you can rack up rewards points for every rug (or vase, or throw pillow) purchases. Basically, fellow picky decor shopper or not, consider H&M your one-stop modern home spot.

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