I Don’t Have a Linen Closet, But These Stylish Woven Baskets Are the Next Best Thing

published Jul 29, 2022
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My apartment is somewhat of a New York City anomaly: I have not one, but three super-spacious closets. The bigger two are in my bedroom (important, because clothes), then there’s a smaller, still fairly deep one in the living room. And of course, I love it. But with great closet storage comes great organizing responsibility… aka more spots for potential clutter clusters.

One of my bedroom closets, in particular, has a long shelf running above the clothing rack, which over time has turned into a disheveled dumping ground for displaced linens and accessories. Think piles of towels and sheet sets mixed in with random handbags and scarves (plus who knows what else, honestly). It looked, in a word, chaotic. Of course, I’m the only one who even saw all this anyway, but the home editor in me still couldn’t bear the eyesore building up behind closed closet doors.

I knew I needed to invest in a storage solution, but I wanted something stylish — that home editor mindset striking again! These also had to be sizable (I’ve accumulated a lot of linens), yet short enough to fit on the shelf. I ultimately envisioned a set of matching woven baskets, but every design that I found was either too small or too expensive. Then I got an Instagram ad for the absolute perfect style, from a brand I’d never even thought to browse: H&M.

Yep, H&M’s tall rattan storage basket checked all my boxes and then some — so much so that I bought four. And believe it or not, those four alone managed to consolidate and organize my entire shelf’s worth of stuff, even leaving extra storage space to spare… which means yes, I absolutely will be ordering more. They’ve completely transformed my entire closet and made it look totally magazine worthy.

The braided baskets clock in at 10.5″ tall by 10.5″ wide by 14.5″ deep, so they’re the perfect dimensions for actually fitting a surprising amount without overtaking your shelf or cabinet setup. In fact, they’re slightly taller than most I’ve come across (although H&M does carry an identical shorter style), plus they work well displayed both length- or width-wise, depending on space constraints. I’ve so far managed to fill each of mine with four (very plush, I might add) bath towels; three beach towels and a massive picnic blanket; eight winter scarves; and ten (!!) small purses.

I’ll admit, at $24.99 a pop, these baskets can get expensive if you’re buying in bulk. But now through 8 a.m. E.T. on Aug. 2, H&M members can get 15 percent off orders of $40 or more, plus free shipping — and it’s completely free to join! This discount can definitely come in handy for stocking up on multiples of this storage staple, just saying.

I’ll have my baskets for years to come, especially since they’re versatile enough to see me through future moves… and closets. That’s a testament to their impressive quality overall — I’ve only owned my set of four (and counting) for a few months, but they feel incredibly durable every time I put something in or take something out. One side of each basket has a small handle at the top, making them easy to access and pull out in the first place. Now, if you’ll excuse me, BRB while I add four more to my cart.

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