I’ve Searched for the Perfect Storage Basket for 3 Years and Finally Found It

published Jul 3, 2024
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A large media bookcase with TV books and decorative items divides the bedroom from the living room area.
Credit: Leela Cyd

I’m a sucker for baskets — there’s something about woven decor that makes me feel like I’m living in a cozy ’90s movie set à la Meg Ryan. Of course, I love their storage capabilities, too. I’ve bought so many different baskets for my apartment (too many, anyone who looks inside my closets may argue) but ultimately realized a bunch of small — yet cute — styles wasn’t the best use of floor space for organizing towels, sheets, shoes, etc. 

I needed to exercise some basket-buying restraint and get just one giant rectangular woven bin with a lid. But every Google search led me to either laundry baskets, tiny tabletop-size designs, or options that cost well over $100. TBH, I started this shopping mission at least three years ago, and I only just recently found “the one” from H&M Home. 

I got an Instagram ad for H&M’s storage basket with lid and ordered one immediately after checking the dimensions. It’s 15.75 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide, and 17.75 inches long, and the size pleasantly surprised me when it arrived. I have a ton of room at the bottom of my coat closet, and I consolidated the contents of three small Mango Home baskets into just this one H&M find. It now holds cleaning supplies, my Dyson vacuum attachments, extra paper products, and more.

The attached lid with a knot luckily hides my unsexy pile of odds and ends, but I can easily open and close it to grab whatever I need. My coat closet door also doesn’t fully close (prewar apartment problems!), so looks were a No. 1 basket priority, and this woven seagrass design checks all the boxes. It fits perfectly on the floor underneath my coats, and I’ve since ordered a second one to style next to it (you don’t understand how much stuff I’ve dumped in this closet).

I know $39.99 might seem steep for a storage bin you could probably buy for a third of the cost from Target or Amazon, but you don’t have to keep this hidden away in a closet. H&M’s lidded storage basket doubles as decor in any empty living room or bedroom corner, while conveniently storing blankets, books, etc. Or, it’s perfect for keeping shoes near the door if you have space in your entryway or mudroom. Either way, I can confirm that this H&M accessory has proven worth every penny and the three-year wait!