Don’t Worry, You’re Not the Only One With a Clutter Room In Your Home

published Nov 29, 2020
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No surprise here, but Americans really hate cleaning their homesespecially during the holidays. OnePoll and home brand Eufy recently conducted a study with 2,000 Americans to determine some of the top stressors during the holiday season, and cleaning the house ranked at No. 1. Of those polled, 51% of Americans said cleaning their homes for the holidays stressed them out beyond belief—and that they would rather endure a grueling, hour-long awkward conversation (oh, my!) than whip out the cleaning supplies. 

More specifically, the stressors were related to the following: 29% attributed the stress to caring about what others think about their home, 27% cited worrying about missing dirty spots, 23% attributed the stress to having a high standard of cleanliness, and 23% cited the woes of having children unwilling to keep a space tidy for extended periods of time. What’s more, 47% of those polled admitted to having a room filled with clutter and junk—rooms that they don’t allow guests to enter because they’re too much of a mess. 

So, basically, if you, too, have an embarrassing clutter room filled with boxes and boxes of junk under a thick layer of dust particles, know that you are not alone, my friend. Because OnePoll and Eufy found that Americans haven’t cleaned these junk rooms in their homes for years. The specific statistics are as follows: 21% have avoided their attic and basement, 17% have avoided their guest room, and 15% have avoided their bathrooms. 

Of course, this is not to say Americans prefer messes. While many enjoy having a clean home, 73% said they simply hate the task of actually cleaning to attain said clean home. 50% also admitted that they’re last-minute cleaners who put off tidying until they absolutely need to. In any case, this is a judgment-free zone. Go forth and wait until the last minute to clean or throw everything in the embarrassing clutter room if you so please—for you are not alone in your slob habits.