One Thing You Can Clean to Make Your Relaxing Nights In More Enjoyable

updated Nov 19, 2020
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I know you clicked on this post on the premise of a “relaxing night in,” but I want you to know I almost typed “lazy night in” instead. Personally, I’ve reclaimed the word “lazy,” using it to empower myself to just do nothing sometimes. Lazy isn’t the opposite of productive, for me. Lazy is the opposite of busy. Lazy nights balance busy days that leave your mind and spirit harried and fried. Lazy nights are just what you need sometimes.

I don’t know what the holidays hold this year—if they will be as busy and chaotic as they usually are. But even if there are fewer events to attend and fewer gifts to buy for the fewer people you’ll visit with this year, I know we could all get behind the idea of enjoying a relaxing night in.

You can absolutely enjoy your relaxing night in sitting in front of a dirty, dusty television (or no television at all), but if you’re so inclined, I think a quick clean of the TV is the perfect way to usher in those leisurely nights.

Let’s get to it…

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Day 13: Clean and dust your TV.

This should be a quick one. Even a massive television can be wiped down in less than five minutes or so.

Taryn's Tips

No matter what your plans are, the holiday season is a great time to clean the TV. Just make sure to use gentle, lint-free tools like a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the screen.

Grab a duster and a microfiber cloth and work from the top to the bottom of your television. First, wipe across the very top edge of the TV frame with your duster where the most dust tends to settle. Then with a fresh, dry microfiber cloth (you don’t want to drag already-picked-up-dust across the screen), swipe the TV screen gently and slowly in an up and down or left to right movement.

If a dry cloth doesn’t do it, and you still see dust on the screen, you can try dampening the cloth with just a bit of water. And if that doesn’t work, introduce a bit of white vinegar on the cloth and wipe again. Use another clean, dry cloth to dry the screen when you’re done.

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