It’s Pisces Season: Here’s Your March Home Horoscope

published Mar 5, 2018
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Slip into some sweet silk sheets and get ready to drift away, mystic mermies. For most of this month, the Sun is in touchy-feely Pisces, and the prescription is pure surrender and shell-colored shades of allowing.

Think of the possibility of simply “melting” into every area of your life. No hard focuses. No musts or shoulds. Just a sense of moving with and alongside the tidal shifts exactly as they are. With Jupiter and Mercury going retrograde as well, it’s truly time to take it inside and release the urge to have to know it all or micromanage our own expansion.

So install those dimmer switches and trick out your bathtubs for a precious plunge into every last emotion. When we soften our gaze, we can let in that much more light.

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In the Stars: Happy birthday month, magical mermaid! This is your month to shine on and on in all your shimmery glory, and not apologize for one bit of your emo nature. Treat your deep feeling wells as infinite sources of power, and practice showing up in your full feeling regalia wherever you go. Cry in public, hug strangers, dance in the streets. Let your heartspace lead the way to greater freedom.

In Your Space: The keyword for you is exposure. Lighten up your space with bright coats of paint and ceiling fans. And don’t be afraid to put it all out there. If there’s an object you’ve been hiding in the closet that you treasure, give it pride of place.

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In the Stars: With Pisces planets sliding into your starkissed dream zone, this is the month for surrender in all its glorious shades. Though this is not your usual MO as a fierce, fire starting cardinal sign, the month teaches you that when you release your need to action, new pathways forward are revealed. Clear your schedule and sink on in to the feeling of nothing to do, nowhere to go.

In Your Space: Treat every area of your home zone like a sumptuous bubble bath. Essential oil diffusers, rose petals in the sheets, adult mobiles, and sparkly low lights. And experiment with creating a clear container for silence; think Japanese screens and rock gardens, and a no shoes policy.

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In the Stars: As your zone of future dreaming and tribal scheming gets ignited by Pisces planets this month, it’s prime time for throwing some serious parties and getting lost in the possibilities that arise when you let yourself truly believe that the sky’s the limit. You don’t even have to worry about building anything concrete right now. Just plan your most majestic mission.

In Your Space: Expansion. Play with indoor-outdoor accents, even if it’s just tricking out your fire escape or front stoop with lights. Increase circulation in your space by literally removing a door or installing a screen. And play with abstract art that allows you to muse over all the possible meanings and pathways your life could take.

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In the Stars: As Pisces energy activates the self-sufficient, power moves place in your chart, this is boss lady energy with a twist. Less about to-do lists, and more about deep soul work. Really examine your goals and check in to see whether they still resonate from your interior core. And put your tenderness on top. Let your most profound feels make the decisions.

In Your Space: Make your space deliciously majestic. Think a softer version of The Crown. Brocade accents and gemstone encrusted frames and goblets, but in lighter shades of pastel. And turn your bed into a sumptuous throne with crushed velvet fabrics and tassel pillows.

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In the Stars: As Pisces planets ignite your zone of philosophical and geographical exploration, it’s time to hit the road in all senses of the word. This journey into the wild unknown is about re-upping your faith on an energetic level. Where have you lost your sense of adventure? Where have you been playing it safe? Feel into a sense of healthy risk and take some leaps.

In Your Space: Bust through some walls and throw the doors wide open. Remove drapes and blinds in rooms that don’t need that level of privacy. Lighten and expand by getting rid of too many pictures and replace them with mirrors. And take cues from your own travels. How can you build altars to all the places you’ve been and have yet to go?

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In the Stars: As Pisces energy accentuates your zone of intimacy and intensity, this is a major month for releasing your hold on the outmoded, and surrendering your grip on what no longer serves. Can you make peace with your shadowy bits and turn them into creative force to forge the way forward?

In Your Space: Take a playful approach to the darker shades of experience by finding inspo in ’50s Chinatown boudoirs. Think lacquer, incense sticks, and nocturnal flower patterns. Let there be regality in these deep dives with dark crystals like black tourmaline and malachite that celebrate your soul mining process of discovering the gemstones inside of challenging experience.

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In the Stars: This is a major love month for you in all senses of the word, as Pisces energy sparks your zone of relating. Let this feel like a grand romance that starts with you, and know that you cannot receive from anyone else what you aren’t first willing to give yourself. Explore the aspects of yourself where you feel shame or discomfort and show those places extra sweet loving as you let all of yourself live.

In Your Space: Go easy in your space and let it be an extension of your tender touch towards your own heart. Infuse rooms with shaded lamps and delicious, comforting candle scents like vanilla and lavender. Treat each room like a little museum to a side of yourself you’d like to let fully live and don’t be afraid of these different themes “clashing.”

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In the Stars: Break out the juicer and herbal elixirs, Libra. As Pisces planets send sparks through your zone of health and wellness, this is the month to start with your beautiful body and treat it like the powerful vessel it is. Know that this doesn’t have to feel combative and arduous. Just tap into what feels and tastes good, and go from there.

In Your Space: Let the kitchen lead the way. Whatever you’ve been dreaming of for this space, start implementing it on whatever scale you can. Organize your spices like you were bowing down at an altar. Make cleaning out the cabinets a magical act of bringing yourself into deeper alignment with how you want to feel from the inside out.

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In the Stars: Get ready for the juicy good stuff, Scorpio. With the Pisces party entering your zone of playful passion, how can you show up for the right here, right now without worrying that the rug will be pulled out from under you? With Jupiter stationing retrograde in your sign, it’s a perfect time to focus on internal expansions of all flavors, and really power up with a sense of what lights you up, regardless of how this looks to the external world.

In Your Space: Start with your front door and entryway. How do you want to enter the world and come back home? This is a critical threshold for reaffirming your trust that you have a right to your space and a right to adventure into the space beyond it. Maybe it’s a fancy new chandelier, a runner, or a hall table. Make it grand and claim your right to enjoy it.

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In the Stars: As Pisces energy emphasizes your tucked in zone of emotional security, it’s time to really explore what makes you feel oh so safe. As a super adventurous, wild fire sign, safety isn’t always your first priority, but this month marks a critical moment to power up from your home base, so you can plan even more wilding from a stable core.

In Your Space: Earthy, grounding energies are key for you, and it’s a delicious month to think about rustic accents that feel like a grandma’s kitchen in the South of France. Keep it simple and tasty with dark wood, fireplaces or candles, country blues, and fruit bowls. Let yourself channel the bounty with baskets and trunks.

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In the Stars: Free your mind and the rest will follow, Capricorn. With Pisces action igniting your zone of curious perception, it’s a moment to really feel into the stories you’ve been telling yourself about the way things are. Where can you lighten your grip on so-called “reality” and let entirely new solutions arise? Allow plenty of time for being a fresh, young student in the school of your life.

In Your Space: Let your home feel like a laboratory and don’t be afraid to expose bits of it that are in process. Maybe it’s an unfinished table, or a clear medicine cabinet that displays the contents. Emphasize your desk as a space of learning with inspo collages pasted under glass, and let yourself catch different shades of light with hanging prisms.

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In the Stars: As Pisces energy slips into your zone of worth and value, this is a month to think about your sense of deservedness. Do you think you have the right to have it all? If not, why not? Practice filling your own cup fully before you extend to others, and let this sense of fullness radiate out into your relationships.

In Your Space: This is sumptuous, sensual energy, and it deserves to be met with spatial accents that support your sense of solid gold selfhood. Pick a few prize pieces that may exist just at the edge of your budget and invest in them. And let your lounge zones be luxurious. Think Chesterfield sofas and sheepskin throws.