The Surprising Place to Find Ridiculously Chic Decor for Small Spaces

published Jun 13, 2022
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When it comes to decorating your home in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, small spaces can be among the hardest to nail. Not only do you have to make use of every square inch, but oftentimes the pieces you choose need to do double (or even triple!) duty in your home (think: a coffee table that boasts hidden storage or stylish natural fiber baskets that disguise the tech accessories beneath your television).

No one understands the need for functionality better than The Home Depot. While it may not be the first place you think of to shop for chic decor picks, the iconic retailer boasts many of your favorite brands and stylish design accents at a price that is affordable and attainable. From high-quality rugs and sneaky storage solutions to faux plants that will fool even the proudest green thumb, The Home Depot has an ample selection of decor picks for homes big and small. Check out some of our favorite selects for small spaces below:

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Home Depot

This hammered gold coffee table looks eons more expensive than its price tag — and that's not even the best part about it. The generous round form boasts hidden storage underneath its top, which is a perfect place to stash games, books, or even extra throw blankets.

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Home Depot

Want to make your small space look larger? Mirrors make everything feel bigger! This large arched style is super luxe and a great way to bounce light around a small space. Place it opposite a window to maximize light or in a dark corner to mimic the look of a window.

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Home Depot

This sweet vintage-inspired rug style has all the charm of a flea market find with modern conveniences, like plenty of size options and low pile, which makes it the ideal pick for high-traffic areas. The best part? The entire rug is machine washable, so whether you have pets, kids, or a messy roommate, this pick will last you years.

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Home Depot

Storage stools are a clever solution for small spaces, and not just because you can hide things inside them. Sure, that's a great perk (especially if you have children's toys you'd like to squirrel away), but the fact that they can pinch-hit as side tables or extra seating when needed makes them a no-brainer addition.

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Home Depot

Small sofas can be tough to find, especially stylish ones. Thankfully, we stumbled upon this faux leather sofa from The Home Depot. With generous tufting and a rich camel hue, it's a handsome addition to any office, living room, or studio apartment.

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Home Depot

Streamline your morning routine by keeping everything you need to get ready in one handy location. This clever mirror doubles as a jewelry cabinet or organizer, boasting plenty of space for your favorite accessories, skincare, makeup, and more. Bonus: This standing style allows you to forgo mounting the piece to your wall, making it a great choice for renters!

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Home Depot

Fiddle leaf fig trees are a classic with interior design enthusiasts, because they make a big, stylish statement. However, they've also earned a reputation for being especially tough to care for, leading many fiddle leaf fans to look into faux options to get the look without the hassle. This design from Naturae Decor is slightly more than 3' tall and a rich emerald green, bringing sophistication to any empty corner of your home.

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Home Depot

Natural textures are a great way to enliven a space and add a dynamic designer touch to any room. This nubby white and jute pillow would look incredible on a couch or just as good on an outdoor patio.

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Home Depot

With a smaller space comes fewer decor moments, so it makes sense that you want to make a big impact with your design choices when you can. Enter: This showstopping dinnerware collection, which marries an inky cobalt glaze with earthenware details for dishware that will elevate everything from a four-course tasting menu to your favorite takeout.

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Home Depot

If you call a small space home, chances are any storage solutions you have in place are also something you have to stare at day-in and day-out. Because of this, it's important to invest in storage options that are as pretty as they are practical. These wicker baskets are roomy enough to hide away anything you need corraled (think: books, charging cords, or even your partner's beloved gaming console) and look good while on display, too.