It’s Cancer Season: Here’s Your July Home Horoscope

published Jul 2, 2018
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Slip into your seashelled sanctuaries, star-kissed space holders. This month in the cosmos finds us craving deep emotional retreat, and learning how to live with our longings, even when they can’t immediately manifest in the external world.

The Sun spends most of the month in feel-it-to-heal-it Cancer, and the sign of the crab asks us to tuck into our secret shelters and childhood hideaways, to protect our tenderness, and to lean into our loony inner lifeworlds. With pleasure planet Venus shifting from glitter kitten Leo into the intricate integrity of witchy Virgo, and powerhouse Mars stationing retrograde, we’re slowing our roll, recalibrating, and learning to value just “being” as much as “doing.”

This combo signals prime terrarium building on a spatial front. Treat your home like a precious biodome, and let it be an extension of whatever feelings are swirling inside of you right now.

How can your space make you feel completely held and totally secure, so when the moment comes to emerge, you do so from solid ground?

There’s no place like the home that fits you like a second skin, astral voyagers. Click your heels three times and welcome yourself back inside.

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In the Stars: It’s your homecoming queen month, Cancer, as the Sun transits your sign and welcomes you back to your own, sensitive shoreline. And with Mars stationing retrograde in outer space Aquarius, you’re being given a golden ticket to lean into your lunacy completely. How can you take emotional action and make intuitive decisions cleanly, clearly, and directly rather than having to get backed into a corner before striking out? July invites you to put yourself, and all of your complex emotional glory, first and foremost. Let yourself be a tidal force.

In Your Space: Think The Little Mermaid‘s castle. Strike a balance between tucked in, underwater accents and easy, breezy circulation. Brighten up your palettes to conjure windswept shorelines. Incorporate memory objects into new spreads, and reframe old photos. Let this feel like a kingdom rather than a complete hideaway, and remember to make your bed right after emerging from deep dreamland.

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In the Stars: You’re learning to become a careful, conscious sea anemone this month, glitter kitten, as “yin,” internally-facing planetary energies beckon you underground for a lesson in release, recalibration, and flow. Let yourself start by spending plenty of time in solitude, no matter how hard you want to sparkle and shine in the external world. You’re being asked to simply behold yourself Leo, in all your glory. Dance with yourself. Romance yourself. You are the lover who needs your glow right now.

In Your Space: Let your space feel like a Valentine’s love letter to self. Soft pink palettes and blushes. A tricked out boudoir with a curated vanity table of beauty products that are for your own private rituals as much as they are for looking the part in the external world. Fresh pillows and shams. Fluffed comforters. Let a sense of plushness guide your design decisions so you can rest on top of your angel food cake dreams with both grace and glamour.

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In the Stars: With sweet, sensuous Venus entering your sign, this month is all about diving into your desire nature, and celebrating the perfect imperfections of your pleasure center. What have you been longing to do or possess, but haven’t given yourself permission? With the Sun treading through your outer space, innovative territory, you can skyrocket yourself straight towards whatever you’re craving without shame.

In Your Space: Let yourself get a little bit over-the-top, Virgo, whatever that means to you. Push the edges of your usual color or fabric scheme. Splurge on a statement piece you’ve been lusting after. And give your feasting area pride of place. New tablecloths, flatware and floral bouquets. This is cosmic dinner party energy, whether you invite a full house, or simply sit down to a buffet for one.

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In the Stars: As a rationally minded, air-ruled astro spatialist, you sometimes operate more from the head than from the heart space. But with the Cancer Sun moving into your zone of exposure and world-building, you’re being asked to put this energy on top. Remove the drain stopper and simply flow with the force of your feelings. Scrap your pros and cons list and open yourself to intuitive hits. Loosen up and let it come undone, no matter what the neighbors say.

In Your Space: Notice any hard edges and start to soften them. Think beaded curtains, diaphanous fabrics over sharp tables, water features, and removing doors right from their hinges. Modern dance around your space, notice any sticky parts where your flow is impeded, and rearrange them. Let your home feel more like a private lair than a showcase display. How can it all be just a bit more liveable and languid right now?

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In the Stars: Show a little faith, sweet Scorpio. With the Cancer Sun entering your zone of far-flung dreaming and Vegas-style gambling, you’re being asked to feel into where you’re ready to leap without looking, and roll the dice on your sense of deservedness. Do you feel like life is fundamentally on your side? If not, explore where this belief began and commit to changing your mind like you would a party dress. There is always another chance to crack open calcified thought patterns and discover the glorious geodes that were always lurking inside.

In Your Space: This is a nomadic month for you, and you can treat your space like a living moodboard of all the places you long to go and the heroes you want to become. Think old school magazine collages of teen idols, made more mature. Inspirational quotes. Framed maps. And let there be plenty of light. Invite the outside in with wicker and patio furniture in unexpected places. Model your home after an open desert plain. Pick out prized pieces that exhilarate and hold you, but allow plenty of room to move.

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In the Stars: It’s down and dirty emo time for you, Sag, as the Sun’s transit through your underground zone of sweet shadows signals a time of powerful integration and soul-centered forgiveness. Slow down and commit to sitting with every single sensation that arises. No mean feat for a bonfire babe who’s born to roam. For now, just rest, and let resting and assimilating all that you’ve experienced this year so far, fuel a new mission that’s deeply aligned with your wildest yearnings.

In Your Space: This is a cavernous spatial time for you, Sag, and though it’s high summer in the Northern Hemisphere, see if you can play with some wintry accents that allow you to step inside a private castle to feel your feelings. Candlelight. Silvers and greys. A corner of even one room that’s for you and you alone. While you’re at it, compost any treasures that have outlived their purpose. Reduce, recycle, and liberate what’s holding you down.

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In the Stars: With the Sun shifting through your zone of partnerships, it’s a powerful love month for you, Cappy. Let this start with self-care, and checking in clearly and cleanly with the balance between giving and receiving in your life. Sometimes we give more, more, more to avoid the sticky sensation of having to “need” others. Know that your competence can be a gateway for tenderness, and that you don’t need to prove anything through self protection.

In Your Space: Let opposites attract in your space, as you play with polarity and start to integrate what you think of as “other.” Do a 180 with your usual tastes and palettes. Mix and match prints and patterns that seem antithetical to one another. And let your lair feel deeply supportive of softness. Swap scratchy fabrics for silken ones. Trick out your tub with gorgeously scented soaps. You deserve it all and then some.

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In the Stars: With Mars stationing retro in your sign, this is a critical month for reviewing plans and projects, and feeling into what forms of action so longer need to have your attention. What’s been draining your energy with no chance of electrifying your soul? With the summer solstice marking the threshold between the light and dark, assess how much you’ve accomplished so far this year on an emotional level. Renovate your concept of triumph, and explore how apparent “losses” have actually led to immeasurable gains.

In Your Space: Rev your internal engine and celebrate your winnings with powerful primary palettes, gold accents, and framed accomplishments. Let these be evidence not of external accolades, but of your willingness to be your own champion. Maybe it’s framing something you’ve created that no one has even seen. Or giving yourself a throne chair that’s just for you. With the Sun transiting your house of micro-majesty, it’s prime time for building mini altars. Lay out precious objects at key places in your space so you can see yourself and what you value reflected everywhere you turn.

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In the Stars: With the Sun making loony, lunar magic in your zone of fluffy treats and creative shine, this is gloriously gorgeous month for you to recapture your sense of play. Drift away. Embrace your characteristically “unreal” flair and dream wider and wilder. And feel into your urge to be seen. While you can sometimes put yourself last, and sacrifice your selfhood at the altar of giving, this is prime time to take pride in your distinctive flavor and to bring it forward.

In Your Space: This is a Miami Beach tropicalia month for you in the design world, Pisces, and it’s time to set the stage for your own creative coming out party. Hot pinks and glitters. Velvet curtains. Banana plants and fresh roses. Let every part of your space feel succulent and celebratory. Add mirrors and disco balls to both dance under and see yourself reflected within.

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In the Stars: With your red-hot ruler, Mars, starting its summer retrograde journey, this is a month for initiating yourself into the concept of apparent “inaction.” What happens if you can’t prove your potency by making things move? While this may sound nightmarish for the cardinal astro voyager who’s always first out of the gate, consider the uses of waiting, and everything that’s happening and shifting that you simply can’t see in the usual way. When you release your grip on the steering wheel Aries, you can enter majestic new landscapes you couldn’t possibly have planned.

In Your Space: You’re invited to let things be exactly as they are this month, and to take aesthetic cues from unexpected sources. Hire a designer or let a friend revamp a room. See if you can practice softening your need to control the process. Wander through flea markets or rifle through a storage unit and just see what rises to the surface. Let this be a time of spatial integration rather than initiation, and see what magic you can make with the materials on hand.

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In the Stars: With Uranus transiting your sign, your solid, stable world is starting to get rocked, and this month’s Sun trip through your zone of experimentation offers some next-level learning about your relationship to change. What if it didn’t have to be all or nothing, Taurus? What if you could open yourself to all flavors of shape shifting rather than simply going hard and gripping tightly, or turning it all loose. Start with small course corrections. Micro adjustments in your old storylines. See what happens when you work with what arises in the moment with as little preconceptions as possible.

In Your Space: Play with the concept of spatial narratives this month. Wander room by room and feel into what a particular area says about you. Does your office signal the deep need to keep it all together without creative play? Is your bedroom deeply romantic or merely functional? Imagine that you’re a visitor in your own home, journalistically noting what kind of person you are based on what you find. See which spatial stories you’re ready to shift, and design your home for a truer version of yourself, both actually and aspirationally.

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In the Stars: As we shift gears from your birthday season of airy butterfly experiments and social circulation and into the deep Cancerian waters, you’re being invited to wade into your ocean and see your own desires and yearnings as powerful treasures. The Sun travels through your zone of worthiness and value, and there is gold tucked into these scuba trips. Spend time in solitude, getting to know yourself again, Gemini. Practice answering to no one and nothing other than your own siren song.

In Your Space: There’s slow, rustic, meditative spatial magic available to you this month. Excise anything too “busy” from your space and streamline the visuals. File things away in cabinets and drawers. Place doors on exposed shelves. Try a white noise machine with settings that evoke soothing natural landscapes. Or a sculptural statement piece made from crystal or wood. Cut through the static and find serenity with hues birthed from the earth and sea, and commit to crafting spaces for everyday mysticism that return you to yourself.