This Is the Home Organization Hack You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Sep 12, 2023
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Home organization comes much easier to some than others. While many people may long to have their spaces organized and in top shape, the process can be overwhelming — especially with so much advice surrounding keeping things in order.

If you aren’t sure where to start, looking at your zodiac sign can be insightful regarding your preferences and approach to daily life. Your personality influences your organizational tendencies and can point you toward which ideas work best to help you achieve your organizing goals. 

Read on to see which organizational hack each zodiac sign needs right now. If you’re familiar with more than just your Sun sign, look into your Mars sign as well (which rules the ways you take action).

Aries: Use wall space.

As an action-oriented cardinal sign, you know the best way to keep things organized is to work with what you have. If you’re struggling to find adequate space to keep areas in your home managed, why not turn your attention to your unused wall space for inspiration? Make use of the blank canvas with pegboards and hooks to create unique shelving or to hang up items that would otherwise turn into clutter. 

Taurus: Keep items within reach.

You prefer systems that don’t involve too much change and are relatively low-effort — as an earth sign, you work smarter, not harder. While most organization advice includes keeping items out of sight, it’s a better investment for you to keep things within reach so you’re not searching through drawers and cabinets for your everyday-use items. A stylish solution? Opt for a lazy Susan to keep items you constantly use (such as oils and seasoning in the kitchen, cleaning products in the bathroom, etc.) in close range, freeing up much-needed counter or cabinet space. 

Gemini: Keep your digital life safe and stored. 

Organization isn’t solely about clutter on your counters — your digital footprint needs some attention, too! With Mercury, the planet of tech and memory, as your ruling planet, it’s no surprise that you have so much going on regarding your digital files and photos. Opting for a digital storage drive that can keep your cherished photos and important documents safe and sound can clear space for new memories (and a faster phone/computer). Plus, you can stress a little less once Mercury goes retrograde, which is always a win.

Cancer: Create more cabinet shelving. 

Your sentimental water sign nature often leaves you struggling to let go of items, making organizing a monumental task. If you can’t seem to part with certain items, like that treasured collection of mugs, try introducing shelf extenders to your cabinets to add more space. Doubling your storage space and keeping things within reach? Total game-changer. 

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Leo: Maximize space with flair.

Talking about organizing isn’t always the most exciting thing, but it’s all about perspective. You are, after all, ruled by the Sun, so tapping into your sense of flair can be a great way to keep your space in top shape — particularly when it comes to your bathroom. Instead of haphazardly folding your towels and shoving them to the side, try rolling and stacking them to give your regular shower routine a spa-like feel.

Virgo: Repurpose old items for a new use.

As a Mercury-ruled earth sign, you know that sometimes the best organizational hacks are right in front of you. Purchasing storage bins for your fridge is a great way to keep things presentable — especially if you’ve recently purchased a new fridge and want to keep it as pristine as possible. Our suggestion? Consider repurposing the drawers from your old fridge and using them as storage containers in your new one. The results allow you to keep things in order and cut down on extra containers, too! 

Libra: Storage that also functions as decor.

As a Venus-ruled sign, aesthetics are everything, including in your organizing tactics. Implementing storage should be practical, naturally, but you work best with options that also function as decorative elements in your space. When it comes to organizing makeup and skincare products, for example, opting for a rotating organizer with customizable shelves or compartments in a fun color can make all the difference.

Scorpio: Make your storage work double. 

It’s no secret you’re a little mysterious — you like to keep things out of sight and mind. You prefer not to be obvious about it, though, so your average storage totes stacked at random won’t cut it. An ideal option involves storage that has multiple functions, such as an ottoman or chair with a storage compartment. Not only can you keep clutter at bay, but also no one has to know.

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Sagittarius: Keep travel items organized. 

With your restless fire sign energy, you often find yourself on the go, never knowing what you might need on your journey. While your car may contain important items scattered across the backseat, an alternative involves taking photo boxes with additional compartments and dedicating the dividing sections to essentials. From hair ties to toothbrushes to a stain stick, keeping all your necessities on hand ensures you always have what you need where you can quickly access them.

Capricorn: Keep important papers on hand. 

As a pragmatic earth sign, you know how essential it is to know where important documents are located when you need them most. Yet most organizational filing concepts don’t have the most effective solutions for smaller items that can easily become lost in large files and folders. Another approach for you involves using clear page protectors to keep things like receipts or instruction manuals tucked away rather than shoved in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Aquarius: Don’t be afraid to defy convention.

Plenty of organizational tips are tried-and-true classics, but your air-sign nature does not love following convention. You work best with hacks that don’t take the average approach; the more unusual, the better. Our suggestion? Trying this shoe organization idea allows you more space for your footwear by alternating flipping your shoes. Truly, there isn’t a rule that says your shoes must face the same way, right?

Pisces: Keep items visible. 

While sometimes organizing may involve putting things away, there are moments when seeing what you have is necessary — most notably, in your fridge. Your Neptune-ruled tendencies towards distractions can leave you forgetting about items you have, leading to food waste or unpleasant messes you’ll be forced to deal with later. Your best solution is to invest in see-through storage bins that allow you to see what grocery items you currently have, as well as keep them within easy access.