People Are Buying This “So Cute” $15 HomeGoods’ Find in Bulk (You’ll Want 2!)

published Apr 7, 2024
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Sometimes, a trip to HomeGoods results in a shopping cart full of kitchen accessories, niche holiday decorations, or stylish furniture. And if you don’t leave the store with an entire couch or new living room setup, you’re more than likely bringing a candle or cute mug home. 

A TikTok by @thekatcruz shows a $15 cherry-shaped candle at a HomeGoods in Arizona, and the comments section went wild for it. “As a candle collector, do NOT take me here, I will buy everything,” someone said.

Commenters suggested reusing the candle holder as a salt-and-pepper container or salsa dish once the candle burns out, which is a brilliant idea (as long as it’s safe for food use). Even though it smells like fruit punch, not cherries, “it’s so cute I need it,” one commenter wrote.

The TikTok also shows a candle shaped like a half-cut watermelon and even a six-pack of soda can-shaped candles. The official HomeGoods TikTok account said it best in the comments section: “the candle aisle never misses.” Arguably, the cherry candle is the cutest of the bunch, and it would look great on a dresser, bookshelf, or tabletop.

This candle pairs well with any of the store’s viral food-shaped stools. Your home may begin to look like the inside of Willy Wonka’s factory after a quick shopping trip to HomeGoods.