Before & After: This Tiny Detail Transforms an Arch into a Stunning DIY Headboard

published Dec 23, 2023
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A bedroom that can help you fall asleep in minutes is doing its job, but it’s not always easy to achieve that. Diana Yen (@diana_yen_) knows this well — she recently transformed a kids’ bedroom into a nighttime oasis in her Ojai, California, home. “My goal was to make it a minimal space where I can rest well,” she says.

Yen says the original space was “pretty basic.” It had a twin bed, desk, and a closet with no doors. “The only interesting thing was that it had an arch molding that looked like it could have been an altar at some point,” she says. Yen set her sights on making the arch the focal point of the bedroom by turning it into a headboard.

Credit: Diana Yen
Credit: Diana Yen

A Total Transformation

Even though she was making over an entire room, on which she spent about $2,000 total, Yen approached it as a “simple and easy” DIY. “I started by painting [the whole room] in a light limewash and found that the arch detail looked even better,” she says, adding that the limewash makes the space “cozy and earthy.” 

Yen leveled up the impressive arch by hanging a “tiny hanging porcelain altar” she bought during a summer vacation in Italy. “I’m still looking for the perfect bed frame,” she says. But that doesn’t stop her from getting a restful slumber. “I outfitted the mattress with a down alternative topper that makes it feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud,” Yen says. She also added “lots of pillows and linen bedding” to bring her earthy vibes full circle. 

“I feel super relaxed and sleep so well in my room,” she says.

Credit: Diana Yen

A DIY Closet

For $350, Yen customized closet doors with squiggle designs that add a bit of whimsy to the space. She started with two 36-inch x 80-inch no-panel smooth bi-fold interior doors she bought from The Home Depot. To make the squiggle magic happen, Yen shaped eight pieces of flexible wall molding onto a design she drew in pencil on the doors. She spackled any gaps and then sanded down any rough parts. For the final touch, Yen painted the closet doors with white chalk paint and installed oval cabinet pulls.

“I love looking at my wiggly doors when I wake up,” Yen says. “It reminds me of how much happiness it gives me to work on my house with my own hands.”