An Antique Dealer's "Nostalgic Bohemian" Nashville Bungalow

An Antique Dealer's "Nostalgic Bohemian" Nashville Bungalow

Julia Steele
Sep 13, 2016
(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Name: Jordan and Ryan (Flower, Bowser, Pony & Rocket)
Location: Nashville, Tennesee
Size: 1500 square feet
Years lived in: Owned 2 years

Jordan and Ryan bought their Nashville home a couple of years ago. After extensive renovations, their sweet 1905 bungalow is now a charming refuge for them and their four pets. Jordan started her own creative agency, Rare Assembly, and deals rugs and antiques under the web moniker of Hot Child Studio. With her creative eye and Ryan's career in real estate, they collaborated to refurbish and design an enchanting place to call home.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Upon entering their house you feel a mix of calm and intrigue. Jordan and Ryan have carefully placed family heirlooms and travel treasures alongside bold pieces, illustrating both an eye for design and a colorful palette. Jordan's love for collecting really shines—each piece of furniture has a story she can share.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Their dreamy, open common space houses the living room, dining room and kitchen. It's organized so that each area is simultaneously cohesive and its own.

It's obvious that Jordan and Ryan paid attention to every detail during the renovation of their home. The classic shutters on the windows in the entry, living and dining room were originally on the outside of the house, and the beautiful transoms above the doors were only revealed after removing the drop ceilings. Their hard work and keen sense of style have paid off—their home is comfortable and captivating. It's a place you could spend hours perusing and relaxing.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Nostalgic Bohemian. I love a mix of mid-century and rustic (two things that normally don't go together). My focus is to always have my guests feel comfortable and intrigued. I'd say 95% of the furniture is vintage since I'm an antique dealer.

Inspiration: Our passion to travel outweighs all things…so I love to have a mixture of items from all over the world. I'm inspired by the minimalism of Marie Olsson Nylander and the collector side of Kara Rosenlund. I'd say my favorite design duo in the US is Pierce & Ward — they truly think outside of the box when it comes to textures and tile. Everything always looks so lush.

Favorite Element: Our high ceilings (11 feet) and old elements like the transom windows and old hardware. Our home was built in 1905 so there are awesome details that reflect that.

Biggest Challenge: Sloping floors! We had to have the kitchen counters custom-built to work with the sloping floors (sometimes almost a foot in difference). Most of the furniture is propped up with a random piece of wood just to make it level. It's hilarious.

What Friends Say: Feels like they're in a very comfy museum.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Biggest Embarrassment: Constant pet hair! I have four animals so I feel like I'm constantly vacuuming/washing linens. It's a constant frustration, but I love my animals so much.

Proudest DIY: Probably our shelving above the kitchen. We used the old 2x4s we pulled from the wall during demolition and sanded them down to use for the shelves. They are so eye-catching.

Biggest Indulgence: My vintage, velvet Pierre Cardin sofa in my office. Ryan gave it to me as a birthday present. You either love it or you hate it. I'm obsessed with it.

Best Advice: I always have fun and never play it safe. This is probably the only space that you'll have complete control over…so make it somewhere you love being all the time. Nothing is permanent, so if I grow to dislike something, I'll change it. My home is a constant carousel based on inspiration/pieces I acquire and subsequently decide to sell. I don't decorate for visitors; I decorate for us.

Dream Sources: I'm a maximalist that wishes she were a minimalist. However, I'm too sentimental to purge the way I probably should. I love the look of a clean, Scandinavian design, so I'd love to visit Sweden or Denmark and load up a shipping container full of mid-century pieces.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Thanks, Jordan, Ryan, Flower, Bowser, Pony and Rocket!

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