This Ingenious Hack Turns a Boring TV into a Work of Art — For Free

published Nov 14, 2023
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Studio apartment living and bedroom space with white walls, wood or laminate floor, neutral sofa, armchairs, bed with blush and white bedding, ornate gold mirror, large flower painting over white credenza, window with white sheer curtains
Credit: Erin Derby

Televisions have come a long way. What used to be talking boxes on walls have become discreet art pieces, thanks to things like Samsung’s The Frame TV and apps like Artcast. Besides displaying art on the screen, some people have taken it a step further by framing their actual television — no matter what kind of TV they have. 

It seems that the hacks for disguising your television as a work of art are seemingly endless. So, when Apartment Therapy toured Jhenene’smodern apartment in Queens, New York, it was a pleasant surprise to learn about yet another inexpensive way to glamorize a utilitarian item.

Credit: Erin Derby

How to Disguise Your TV as an Art Piece for Free

Jhenene doesn’t have a Samsung The Frame TV, but that didn’t stop her from finding an inexpensive way to showcase beautiful artwork on her wall. Sure, there are options like downloading apps like Artcast, but they charge $2.99 a month (plus tax) — but Jhenene found a completely free way to transform her television. 

“I use my television as artwork when I’m not watching TV. I hate the look of a plain black box on the wall. I go on YouTube and look up ‘art vintage TV,’” she explained at the time of the house tour. 

This way, Jhenene enjoys fabulous works of art (and swaps them out whenever she tires of them) without spending money. As a studio renter who loves maximalist aesthetics, Jhenene said she never wanted her apartment to feel like a museum because of her collectible items. 

Credit: Erin Derby

What is museum-quality about Jhenene’s home is the artwork displayed on her television that completes the space, adds vibrancy, and can easily be swapped out. And, if you’re looking to create a gallery wall around your television, it could be the perfect focal point. 

“Once I find a video/image that I like, I just leave it on the screen for hours,” Jhenene wrote at the time of her home tour. “It’s a great alternative for folks who don’t want to drop the cash for a Samsung The Frame TV.”

Jhenene’s television hack isn’t the only spectacular thing about her studio apartment. To explore more of her maximalist, glam space, visit the full house tour