How to Remove Condensation from Inside Your Phone

updated Sep 21, 2022
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(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Our phones come with us everywhere —including some places where it might be a little too humid, oops. Even if you come out of a self-induced gadget sauna with a working phone, you might still get stuck with a little condensation inside the screen or camera lens. Here’s how to get moisture out of your iPhone camera without opening up your phone.

There’s an easy fix for killing the condensation without taking apart your phone (and voiding your warranty!). Just ask blogger Darian Cabot, whose iPhone woke up with a steamy camera lens.

It turns out that you can use the same process to zap away the condensation as you would dry out drowned gadgets:

Leave it in a Bowl or Baggie of Rice Overnight

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

But even if your mobile isn’t on its deathbed, you can use that rescue trick to suck up any condensation quickly. The rice acts as a desiccant, a substance that induces a state of dryness in the nearby vicinity. A packet of silica gel (like the ones you throw out of new running shoes) should also work well.