Before & After: A Vintage Dresser is Transformed by an Image Transfer

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We’ve seen plenty of knock out paint upgrades on the site, but Diane’s dresser makeover adds an extra special element. Paint, glaze, wax and one stunning transfer lead to one heck of a statement piece.

From Diane: This was a stunning piece of furniture ‘before’. Beautiful lines, solid construction. One of those ‘hard-to-come-by’ pieces. And, honestly, I could have loved it as-is.

I wanted to give this piece a makeover because lacked something. I knew as beautiful as it was, I could make it stunning. I knew exactly which image to use. Sometimes you struggle with pieces and end up having to rework them a little, to get to the end result you had in your mind’s eye. This piece came together by itself.

The project took about a week, from beginning to end. The image transfer portion takes the most time. Once I had finished the transfer ‘Circe’ by Waterhouse (my favorite artist) I then decided on color.

I wanted to add a dark, moody look to the piece. I used Pure & Original Classico in Black, and then added layers and layers of glazes (ranging from black, to grey to white, to a hint of yellow), to bring depth to the piece. And then I waxed it.

I love everything about it. When I look at the before it no longer appeals to me. It looks very flat. This is the piece that reflects who I am, as a person and as an artist.

Diane’s words of wisdom: Start small. Don’t get overwhelmed with a big project if you have never tried image transfer before. Practice. And work with thin layers of paint, and glazes.

Thank you so much, Diane! You can see more on Diane’s website The Paint Factory PDX.