How to Make Use Of an IKEA PAX In A Small Space Without Even Having A Closet

published Jul 27, 2022
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Credit: Erin Derby

Whether you’re struggling with an extensive wardrobe or limited storage space, IKEA usually comes in clutch when it comes to customizing closets. For lots of small-space dwellers, dreams of having beautifully organized clothes and accessories is short-lived due to a lack of square footage. One TikToker may have cracked the code for your closet woes though, and she did it in less than 500 square feet.

Maitri Mody is a full-time content creator who lives in a colorful 450-square-foot studio in New York City with her pug, Ari. Mody grew up in Mumbai, surrounded by “colors and chaos,” she says. “So color is my biggest inspiration and starting off point.” Her studio is filled with fun pastel shades of pink, yellow, and green and decorated with bold shapes and prints. Mody’s design style is truly a perfect blend of cheerful, girly maximalism. “I cannot live in a white box,” she says. “And my aesthetic is far from minimal.”

Since this studio is less than 500 square feet, and there wasn’t much built-in cabinetry, storage was one of Mody’s biggest challenges after moving in. Mody had to get creative with her storage solutions, while still staying true to her style. “I use a whole bunch of sleek lockers in different colors and sizes in corners and small spaces for storage,” she says. “Not only do they look cool and colorful, but they also hold a lot of stuff.”

While the lockers are beautiful and functional, Mody’s favorite product in her home is her IKEA PAX closet. She placed the shelving unit against the wall in her bedroom with no doors as a way to display her colorful wardrobe, instead of stashing it away. “I don’t have enough closet space and my dog and I own quite a few clothes. So I customized it to hold both our clothes and my accessories,” Mody says. “And now the colorful clothes have become a part of the decor.”

Credit: Erin Derby

If you’re short on closet space like Mody, don’t feel like your options are limited because you don’t have a traditional closet. If you’ve got about four feet of floor space, you can do the same thing Mody did. Not only is a really smart storage solution, it creates a colorful focal point full of things you actually use. As a bonus, the fact that the unit doesn’t have any doors or many drawers serves as a motivation to stay organized since it’s always on display.

“Adding colors to enhance the vibe of a specific room or corner would do wonders to a space,” Mody says. “I moved into this apartment after separating from a 10-year marriage and starting off on my own. So, I wanted it to be happy, cheerful, and positive. I think I have managed to create that.”