These Sleek $30 Floating Shelves Turned My Favorite Albums Into Artwork (and Get Me So Many Compliments)

published Mar 6, 2024
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Record player and stack of vinyl records

If you’re someone like me, you’ve been collecting records since you were a kid. Some of my favorite memories as a child involve me toying around with my parent’s record player, so to say I have a fondness for the medium is putting it lightly. While my record collection is modest compared to some, it’s ever-growing which means I’m constantly looking for new methods of storage (as well as fun ways to show them off). On the day-to-day, my records live in a dedicated vinyl storage cabinet, but for a select few, I’ve turned those into wall art.

Now before any record collectors start to freak out, no I am not nailing my records to the wall like some other DIY-ers out there (The thought truly sends a shiver down my spine.) Instead, I’m giving them a proper display with some help from Hudson Hi-Fi’s LP Vinyl Record Wall Display Shelves — and I only wish I’d done it sooner.

What are the Hudson Hi-Fi LP Vinyl Record Wall Display Shelves?

Coming in packs of four and six, the Hudson Hi-Fi LP Vinyl Record Wall Display Shelves are the best way to hang up your vinyl records. Made with a solid steel construction and featuring a black satin finish, these shelves are durable, weighty, and elegant. Best of all, they’re super easy to install: each shelf comes with two screws that are easily mounted onto drywall and a bubble level so you can make sure your favorite albums are safe and secure.

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Why I Love the Hudson Hi-Fi LP Vinyl Record Wall Display Shelves

There’s a lot to love about these shelves. First of all, there’s the design. The moment you pick up one of these shelves you immediately note that they are made of solid metal, so you can rest assured these shelves will be able to hold even your heaviest vinyl sets, unlike some of the flimsier versions out there. Plus, their sleek, clean-lined design makes them easy to integrate into most spaces (I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on these shelves over the years!) Second, there’s the installation. After mapping out where I wanted them on my wall, I simply marked the holes through the back on the shelves, picked up my drill, and attached them to the wall — I couldn’t believe how quickly I hung them up!

But perhaps my favorite thing about these shelves is that, unlike other options for hanging records, I always have access to my music. Many people opt for framing their records when it comes to using them as wall art, but this way, not only can I freely change up my display (which I do each season) but I can pop a record off my wall and play it at the drop of a hat — or should I say, needle.

The Hudson Hi-Fi LP Vinyl Record Wall Display Shelves come in at $17 for a pack of four and $30 for a pack of six. So if you’re looking for a fun way to show off your record collection (and your personality) give these shelves a try. You’ll have so much fun curating your display.