2 “Random” IKEA Finds Are the (Stunning!) Secret to This Modern Table Lamp Transformation

published Jul 1, 2024
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Bloomington, Minnesota/USA. August 5, 2018. The exterior of an Ikea store in Minnesota.
Credit: Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

Instagram and TikTok have proven that you can make a lamp out of pretty much anything. It seems that as long as you have a lighting kit and a drill, the world of table lamps your oyster. And one Instagrammer just put that theory to the test when she combined a metal mixing bowl and an insulated bottle, both from IKEA, into a super-modern table lamp. Yes, really!

Victoria from the Victoria Svensson Instagram account grabbed a stainless steel BLANDA serving bowl (the same one used to make this super-chic tabletop fire pit) and a stainless steel insulated bottle from her local IKEA. 

She also picked up a mini MYRHULT lampshade and used it for the metal frame inside, which just so happens to fit perfectly atop the base of the bottle. You could probably find a similar shade at your local thrift store if you didn’t want to buy one new.

She then popped a remote-powered battery light inside the mouth of the bottle and hot-glued the stainless steel bowl onto the top of the lampshade frame and voila! Victoria has an ultra-sleek tabletop lamp that set her back about $25.

This hack can serve as a jumping-off point for other lamp-related DIY projects, too. You can find a wooden bowl at the thrift store, for example, and pair it with a decorative vase in a similar manner. Or keep the IKEA stainless steel bowl shade and switch out the base for the wider SLUKA coffee pot.

The possibilities are endless and IKEA can really become a playground when you have hacks on the brain. Give this lamp DIY a go and then try to stop yourself from making more — it’s easier said than done!