This $11 IKEA Hack Is the Secret to an Gorgeous Gallery Wall (It’s So Easy!)

published May 25, 2024
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Bloomington, Minnesota/USA. August 5, 2018. The exterior of an Ikea store in Minnesota.
Credit: Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

What do you do when you love the idea of a gallery wall, but are overwhelmed by the thought of nailing so many holes into the wall? (What if the layout just isn’t perfect?) Before you get out the hammer and hope for the best, check out this IKEA hack. One Instagram user found the perfect compromise to getting a moveable, customizable gallery wall without risking thousands of nail holes just by installing this $11 IKEA product first.

L. Adriana Butler from the Butlershire Instagram account installed four HULTARP railings along the top of her wall to act as a picture rail. Then, using chain, she was able to hang all the pictures she intended to display without having to hammer a single nail.

“We got chain from our hardware store, screw eyes, [and] S-hooks,” Butler said in her Instagram video. “We attached the screw eyes to the back of the frame, not the top, and with the chain hanging from the top of the rack, we aligned our S-hooks and hung all of our frames.”

“This is a really easy project,” she continued. “The most expensive part was buying the chain, which was over $100 for this whole project.”

“Fewer holes in [the] wall; I love this idea,” one commenter said. Another added, “This is so beautiful and bespoke! So inspiring!!”

And one commenter said that this IKEA rail is the perfect alternative to installing a picture rail system. “So creative!” they wrote. “Really glad I saw this before hunting down an overpriced picture rail system, love the DIY!”

The HULTARP rail comes in brass, nickel, and black, so you can get a custom finish for your space. They’re $11 each and super easy to install. Just make sure you’re screwing them into studs if you’re planning on hanging multiple pictures from them.

This hack will save your walls and give you that aesthetic look, and all your guests will want to know … how’d you make that?